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Kraig Hausmann September 04, 2013 DAZ 3D Software / Carrara

This article formerly applied to installing Native Content with Install Manager  If you are using Install Manager or higher, than you do not need to do this.  If you have already done this article, update to Install Manager, then uninstall the Native Content and re-install it.  It is no longer necessary to do the article below when installing or re-installing Native Content with Install Manager or higher.


ARCHIVAL: This article is no longer necessary due to Install Manager which fixes this issue.


It is necessary to install three Native content packages for Carrara 8.5.  It is possible to do this with Install Manager.


When Carrara 8.5 (standard/Pro) was first released, Install Manager did not install these correctly.  It should have placed them inside of the Carrara 8.5 .app file.  Instead it put them into Carrara 8.5 application folder.  The result is that Carrara 8.5 on the Mac doesn't see them.  This means the browser doesn't have any of the scenes, shaders, and other Carrara Presets.  For this reason, the wizard options are "greyed out."


We expect to have this fixed in the future in Install Manager.  There is a work-around that you can use now to resolve this.


1) First, make sure you've installed all three Native content options with Install Manager.  They'll be in the applications folder rather than inside of the .app file, but that's okay for now.  This article shows how to add some shortcuts for them.  By leaving them in the current place, Install Manager will be able to remove them and re-install to the correct place in the future.

2) Quit Carrara 8.5, if you have it running.

3) Open Terminal on the Mac.  You can find this in the 'Applications' --> Utility Folder on your Mac Hard drive. Please see the screen shot below.



3) Copy the following text below and paste it into Terminal.  Then press 'RETURN' on your keyboard to execute it.


ln -s /Applications/DAZ\ 3D/Carrara8.5\ 64-bit/Presets /Applications/DAZ\ 3D/Carrara8.5\ 64-bit/Carrara.app/Contents/MacOS/Presets


This is a screen shot of the above text in Terminal.



4) Repeat the same action, but with this text:


ln -s /Applications/DAZ\ 3D/Carrara8.5\ 64-bit/Scenes /Applications/DAZ\ 3D/Carrara8.5\ 64-bit/Carrara.app/Contents/MacOS/Scenes

Press 'RETURN' so that Terminal executes it.


5) Finally, do this again with this text:

ln -s /Applications/DAZ\ 3D/Carrara8.5\ 64-bit/Data /Applications/DAZ\ 3D/Carrara8.5\ 64-bit/Carrara.app/Contents/MacOS/Data

Press 'RETURN' so that Terminal executes it.


6) This has made a special shortcut so that these native content files will be accessible to Carrara 8.5.  


7) Launch Carrara 8.5.  If you already had it running, quit it and re-launch it.  You should now see the options in the Carrara browser for scenes, shaders, objects.  You should also have the wizard options when making a new scene.


8) When Install Manager is updated in the future, it will be able to uninstall and re-install the Native Content files correctly and this work-around will no longer be necessary.


We wish to thank Totte Alm for providing the command so fast we didn't have time to beat him to it. :) 




Kraig Hausmann August 30, 2013 DAZ 3D Software / Carrara

You can install Carrara 8.5 using two different methods, Install Manager or Bitrock installers.  We recommend Install Manager, but make it available with Bitrock Installers for Users who do not want to use Install Manager.

Please choose the appropriate link below, based on your platform and method.  Thank you.



Install Manager

Bitrock Installers


Install Manager

Bitrock Installers



Kraig Hausmann July 15, 2013 DAZ Install Manager / DAZ Install Manager

DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro and DSON Importer plugin for Poser install without any base figures.  It's necessary to download and install the Genesis Starter Essentials and the Genesis 2 Female Essentials.  These installers are provided along with your order of DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro and DSON Importer plugin.  You can use Install Manager to download and install both of these.

You will need to have an active DAZ 3D account.

If you do not have a DAZ 3D Account, you can create one here: https://www.daz3d.com/customer/account/create/

You will need to have DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro downloaded and installed.  If you do not have it, you can put through an order for it here: http://www.daz3d.com/daz-studio-4-pro

You will also need to have Install Manager downloaded and installed: http://www.daz3d.com/install-manager-info


This is how to use Install Manager to install Genesis Starter Essentials and Genesis 2 Female Essentials.

  1. Launch Install Manager and log into your DAZ 3D account.
  2. In the search window (top right), type in 'Genesis Starter Essentials' without the quotes.  Alternatively, you can type in 'Genesis 2 Female Essentials' without the quotes.  Install Manager will display the entry for the product under 'Ready to Download' as shown below:

  3. Check the box for the product (Genesis Starter Essentials or Genesis 2 Female Essentials) and then click 'Start Queue.'  Install Manager will download the product.  If you have 'Install After Download' checked, Install Manager will then proceed to install the product.
  4. You can repeat this for Genesis 2 Female Essentials.  
  5. After you have installed these products, you may need to add the folder to which Install Manager installs content.  See this article:
    Adding Content Installed by DIM to DAZ Studio or Poser


Kraig Hausmann April 17, 2013 DAZ 3D Software / DAZ Studio

Many users have an established content library that they use in DAZ Studio or Poser.  DAZ Install Manager (DIM) can install content quickly and easily.  However, established users will have a different content library than the default path that DIM installs to.  This content path for DIM must be mapped in Studio (or the 'runtime' added in Poser) in order for the DIM-installed content to appear in Studio or Poser.

If you do not have the path to which DIM has installed content mapped in Studio (or added to Poser), then you will not see the content in the respective application.   This article shows how to add the default DIM content folder to DAZ Studio and Poser so that you can see and use the content that DIM has installed.

This article assumes that you have not changed the default content path to which DIM installed content and that you are merely adding that path to Studio or Poser.

By default, DIM will install content to this path:



Users\Shared\My DAZ 3D Library



C:\Users\Public\Documents\My DAZ 3D Library


If you have the above path mapped in Studio (or the runtime inside of it added in Poser), you'll be able to see content added to that path.


DAZ Studio 4.x

You can add the above path in Studio.  This is called mapping.  First, open the 'Content Directory Manager' dialogue.  There are a few ways to do this in Studio. You can find the 'Content Library Pane' and right-click on the open the to 'Content Directory Manager' by going to EDIT (or DAZStudio on the Mac) --> Preferences --> Content Library --> Content Directory Manager...


Content Directory Manager



The above screen shot of the Content Directory Manager dialogue has the options for 'DAZ Studio Formats' and for 'Poser Formats' expanded so that you can see what directories (folders) are mapped.  In this snapshot above, the default content path for content installed by DIM is mapped.  For most users, there will often be two or more directories.

You can add a directory by first selecting the content type (DAZ Studio Formats or Poser Formats).  Then click 'Add' to the left.  Browse to and select the folder for default content installed by DIM.


Users\Shared\My DAZ 3D Library



C:\Users\Public\Documents\My DAZ 3D Library


Windows XP
Your path will be different.  You can check in DIM by going to the Settings screen (click gear in top right of DIM).  Then go to 'Installation' Tab to see the 'Install to' path at the top.


Make sure you add the path for BOTH DAZ Studio AND Poser Formats.  If you only add it for one, you'll be missing content in the other format.  After you've added the path for both types, click 'Accept' on the bottom of the dialogue.  Now you should be able to find the content installed by DIM in the 'Content Library' Pane or elsewhere as appropriate in DAZ Studio 4.5.



You can add the runtime for content installed by DIM in Poser.  These are the default runtimes for Content installed by DIM to the default path:


Users\Shared\My DAZ 3D Library



C:\Users\Public\Documents\My DAZ 3D Library

In Poser, you can add a runtime in the Library Panel.  Click the grey folder with the + sign and the running man at the top of the Library Panel.  Browse to and select the runtime folder as shown above.  Now any content that DIM has installed to the default path will be accessible in your Library Panel.



This article just shows how to add the default path that DIM installs content to.  You could configure DIM to install content to a different path.  If that path is already added (or mapped) in your application, you would be able to see it.

What if I still cannot see my content?
Studio users may still not see the content in the Smart Content Pane.  Check to make sure that the DCMS (DAZ Content Management Service) is working correctly.  See this article:  

Both Poser and Studio users should check the readme for the product to make sure that you are looking in the right place.  Studio users who can find the content in the Content Library Pane using the path given (not using search) are confirming that the product has been installed and mapped correctly.


Kraig Hausmann February 19, 2013 DAZ 3D Software / Carrara

Please NOTE:

This article is for Carrara 8 and not Carrara 8.5.  It is being kept for archival purposes.


Carrara 8 Pro & Std Beginning Setup

Carrara is provided as several installers. The two most important installers for you to download and run are the application and the native content installer. The other installers are optional.

Application Installers

Choose the correct installer for your computer. You may find that there are two sets–release installers and beta installers. Don't install both. Choose either the release or the beta.

We have provided beta installers for Carrara users who want to try the next update before it is released and would like to give us feedback in our bug tracker on how to improve it.

Mac Installers

This is the installer recommended for users in MacOS 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8 who have 64-bit support. 



This is recommended for Mac users with only 32-bit support.  This is PPC, not Intel.


PC Installers

This is for Windows users on a 32-bit system.


This is for Windows users on a 64-bit system.

PC Installers

The above PC installer is for Carrara Standard 8 and for Carrara Pro 8 users who are on a 32-bit computer.

Carrara_8.1.1.12_Win64.exe (Carrara 8 Pro Only)
The above PC installer is for Carrara 8 Pro users on a 64-bit computer.

MAC Installers

The Mac installer above is for Carrara Standard 8 and for Carrara Pro 8 users on a 32-bit computer. This is only for the Intel Mac

The Mac installer above is for Carrara Express 8, Carrara Standard 8, and for Carrara Pro 8 users on a 32-bit computer. This is only for the older PPC Mac (Power PC).

The above Mac Installer is for Carrara Pro 8 on the 64-bit Mac (Intel Only).

Carrara Native Content Installer

The second installer to run is the native content installer.

PC Users of any version of Carrara 8 should use the above installer. The target folder should be exactly the same as where the application file was installed. For example, if you installed the application to 'Program Files\DAZ 3D\Carrara 8,' then that is also the install path for the Native Content.

Mac Users of any version of Carrara 8 should use the above installer. The install path for the Native Content should be the same as the install path for the application. If you installed the application to 'Applications\DAZ3D\Carrara 8,' then that is also the install path for the Native Content.

Additional Content Installers

The remaining installers are content items that may be used in Carrara, DAZ Studio, or Poser. Some of these installers in fact only work in DAZ Studio (_ds_ and power loader). If you do not use DAZ Studio, then do not run the DAZ Studio-only installers.

If you already have installed DAZ Content products like Victoria 4.2 or Michael 4, then you are already familiar with how to run these installers. You may install these items into your existing DAZ Studio content folder or install them into your Carrara 8 Pro folder. The choice depends upon how you want to have your content arranged. If you do not have DAZ Studio, then you should use the Carrara 8 Pro folder as the target folder.

It is necessary to add the 'runtime' folder into the browser in Carrara 8 Pro. This will be explained further on in this article.

Digital Painter Installation


Here's how to bring the digital Painter presets into Carrara after you've run the installers.

How to add the runtime to Carrara 8 Pro

Carrara 8 Pro can use Poser content. This includes DAZ 3D's Victoria 4.2 and Michael 4 base figures. It is not necessary for Poser to be installed along with Carrara 8 Pro in order for Carrara 8 Pro to use Poser content. 

In order for Poser content to show up in Carrara 8 Pro, you must add the 'runtime' folder. This can be the runtime folder inside of Poser, inside of the DAZ Studio Content folder, or inside of Carrara itself, if you have installed Poser content inside of Carrara 8 Pro. 

To add the runtime, launch Carrara 8 Pro. In the Assemble Room, select the Browser. Then choose the last tab 'Content.' In the upper right corner of the Tab, you will see an icon that resembles a piece of paper with the corner folder. Click on this button to see a menu. In the menu, choose 'Add Runtime.' Now browse to the actual 'Runtime' folder on your hard drive and select it. The Runtime is typically located here: 

Carrara 8 Pro ..Carrara 8\runtime 

DS 2.x 

DS 3.x 


Once you've added the runtime, you will see the folder appear on the left side of the Content tab in the Browser. You can expand it to see all the subfolders typical for Poser-style content (FIGURES, POSES, etc.). You may add more than one runtime as needed to the Content Tab of the Browser.