Big Sur Workaround for Daz Studio

Boot Camp is a utility that is already available on your Mac. It allows you to download and access Windows 10 OS and swap between these at the launch screen. To explore and learn more about Boot Camp, refer to Apple's own site for the Boot Camp Assistant User Guide. For additional information with the authenticity and safety, refer to Get started with Boot Camp

**Additional Details:
Depending on how much memory can be allocated to this, operational speed within the Windows OS may lag compared to the Mac OS. Additionally, it is strongly recommended that you research this beforehand to ensure that Boot Camp will work efficiently on your own operating system. We understand that this workflow is not ideal; however, it does allow for Big Sur users to still access Daz Studio and its applications while we work on resolving this in the meantime. We also wanted to make users aware of this information as it may be beneficial.




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