File Formats FAQ for Unreal

 How do I use the Unreal File Format?

  • After purchasing from on the confirmation page you can then choose the file formats you would like to download.  You can also download from your library
  • Once downloaded, you can then open the file in Unreal.

What are the Unreal File Formats?

  • Unreal Engine uses projects with your assets in the content folder.
  • The unreal file formats are .uasset and .umap.
  • Along with Unreal file formats you will typically find the source files as well, which can be textures, images, and, at times, FBX.
  • If the asset comes with a scene, you will find a project with a .umap extension. Open this extension to load the scene.

What content works in the Unreal File Format?

  • Only content that specifies the file format “Unreal” comes with the additional file format for download.

How do I get content for Unreal?

  • If you already have compatible Daz Content, you can port directly into Unreal using the Bridge. Select items in the store include Unreal files, which can be downloaded on the confirmation screen or from your library.  
  • In most cases, you will not find a project on the store but a content folder. What should be inside the folder goes as follows:
  • Content\Sku_Asset_Name + Shared Content (the files needed from the plugin)
  • As easy as copy and paste you can take the content folder and add it to your current project. As soon as you do the asset is ready to use in any project of your choosing!

How can I see all the available content in the Unreal File Format?

  • In the Daz Store, use the filter “software” and click ‘Unreal.’  That filter selection will allow you to see all the available items in the store with that file format.
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