Daz to Unreal FAQs

How do I use the Unreal Bridge?

  1. Open up your character in Daz Studio.
  2. At the same time, have your Unreal Project open for an automated process.
  3. Make sure any clothing or hair is parented to the main body.
  4. Locate Daz to Unreal under File > Send to... > Daz to Unreal.
  5. A dialog will pop up and choose where you wish to export too; choose the name you wish the folder in Unreal to be and choose what type of conversion you wish to do: either “Stash Mesh” (no skeleton), “Skeletal Mesh” (Character or with joints), or “Animation” (character must already be transfer).
  6. Choose which Morphs you wish to transfer (unstable at the moment).
  7. Leave the port as default if you wish the file to automatically import in Unreal.
  8. Once you press accept, the file will transfer over in Unreal. If this does not happen automatically in the bottom left press import and locate the file where you exported to with the .dtu extension.

Starting an Import Manually

  1. After that, you’re done and your character is ready for whatever comes next!

What is a Bridge?

  • A Bridge is a cross-platform port that converts 3D Assets — in this case, amazing Daz content — and brings it to another software, complete with rigging, textures, and other Studio modifications.

What content works in the Unreal Bridge?

  • Genesis 8 & 3 Content works with the Unreal Bridge.

What versions of Unreal does the Daz to Unreal Bridge work with?

  • The Daz to Unreal Bridge works with Unreal versions 4.23 - 4.25.

What are the supported OS for the Unreal Bridge?

  • The Daz to Unreal Bridge works with Windows 7 and Windows 10.
  • The Daz to Unreal Bridge is not compatible with Mac OS at this time.

What Items/Daz product features will not transfer over to Unreal using the bridge?

  • Strand-based hair will have difficulty transferring.
  • Michael and Victoria 4 Content and Genesis 1 Content are not guaranteed to transfer to Unreal using the bridge.  Some Genesis 2 Content may transfer, but success of transfer (including rigging, textures, etc.) will vary item by item.
  • Environments are not natively supported.
  • Assets can not be in groups.
  • Instances are not supported.
  • Joint Orientation of the skeletons will not transfer.
  • If you want to use animation in Unreal for a Genesis 8 Character, you will need to bring in the default Genesis 8 Male first.

Using Animation in Unreal

  • Some texture formats are not natively supported, but may be fixed with these steps: Daz to Unreal: Error Importing Texture
  • Unless manually changed, assets will not work without the plugin enabled.
  • Not all morphs will transfer correctly and cause issues when retargeting animation but these morphs can be tested individually to see which transfer successfully.

State of Morphs

I just want to import directly into Unreal, do I have to use the bridge?

  • The bridge isn’t the only way you can use Daz content in Unreal — your other option is to purchase Daz items that have Unreal file formats, download the manual files and upload them directly into Unreal. Select items in the store also include Unreal files, which can be either be added directly or converted for use in your software of choice. Otherwise, you can export certain content out of Studio as .obj or .fbx files for use in third party software.

Should I pose/add textures in Studio, or in Unreal?

  • It’s not recommended that you pose before exporting, as that will likely cause certain features to break. You can add textures in Studio before transfer, or continue to texture your character in Unreal after the transfer.

Can I add features to my model in Unreal that I already have/prefer to Studio, even if the 3D Model is in Studio?

  • This is a one-way transfer from Daz to Unreal. So once you transfer your content from Studio to Unreal, you can’t transfer it back; you can, however, make changes to content in Daz Studio before you transfer, and can always readjust the original asset in Studio and transfer again.

I already have some assets for Unreal. How can I combine the assets I have in Unreal with those I have in Daz?

  • Daz products have to be transferred using the Unreal Bridge. Once in Unreal, you can combine any assets you already have with your Daz products.
  • You can combine assets in Unreal, but the tool brings in a new scene so it needs to be imported into the original Unreal scene after.
  • By exporting the assets out of the scene that was created with the bridge and then imported into the Unreal scene, they can be combined. Use copy and paste if both the scenes are opened or by exporting the objects and importing in the original scene in Unreal once it's open.
  • To learn how to transfer assets from Daz Studio, please see the FAQ - “How do I use the Unreal Bridge”.

Is there a way to create a custom library of all my Daz/Unreal assets?

  • In Daz Central you can see all compatible assets for this bridge, you are also able to use the software filter in the store to see all available assets for the Daz to Unreal bridge.

What functionality does the Unreal Bridge have with respect to animation?

  • Animations are supported in the Daz to Unreal Bridge. Make sure you’ve transferred your character first before using the Bridge to bring in the animation.

What are some Advanced Features in the Daz to Unreal Bridge?

  • Daz Animations!
    1. This is the first bridge to fully support Animations you already have in Daz, and transfers them into Unreal with ease.
      1. The process is simple: First, bring your character into Unreal.
      2. After your character has transferred, select ‘Animation’ when exporting out the 2nd time.
      3. Any animation you bring into from Daz can be retargeted to any other Genesis 8 Character!
      4. For additional help, detailed steps can be found here:

Daz Animations

  • Unreal Marketplace Animations
    1. While Daz Animations have excellent compatibility using the Daz to Unreal Bridge, any animations you find on Epic Game’s Marketplace will also work for your character.
    2. This process is easy to execute. See detailed steps for adding an Easy Games animation in the following link:

Retarget Animation

  • Materials
    1. The transfer of Materials has been implemented thoroughly in the Daz to Unreal Bridge.
    2. Any changes to the materials in Daz will be supported in the transfer to Unreal.
    3. PBR is fully supported, and all the maps will transfer with ease.
    4. Not only are the materials set up for you right away — there are also many different presets you can choose from for the base material. If desired, you can also make your own base materials which are compatible with the plugin. See the link below for detailed steps:

Working with Materials 

  • Characters
    1. For the first time, you can use multiple outfits and hair at once with a bridge. You can export out hairs and outfits separately to be used with a character imported into Unreal!  See the following link for additional information:

Exporting Hair/Clothing Separately

  • Animals!
    1. The Daz to Unreal Bridge has enhanced compatibility with Daz Animals, so you can bring functionally rigged 3D animals to your animations, games, and other 3D project.

File Formats FAQ for Unreal

 How do I use the Unreal File Format?

  • After purchasing from Daz3d.com on the confirmation page you can then choose the file formats you would like to download.  You can also download from your library
  • Once downloaded, you can then open the file in Unreal.

What are the Unreal File Formats?

  • Unreal Engine uses projects with your assets in the content folder.
  • The unreal file formats are .uasset and .umap.
  • Along with Unreal file formats you will typically find the source files as well, which can be textures, images, and, at times, FBX.
  • If the asset comes with a scene, you will find a project with a .umap extension. Open this extension to load the scene.

What content works in the Unreal File Format?

  • Only content that specifies the file format “Unreal” comes with the additional file format for download.

How do I get content for Unreal?

  • If you already have compatible Daz Content, you can port directly into Unreal using the Bridge. Select items in the store include Unreal files, which can be downloaded on the confirmation screen or from your library.  
  • In most cases, you will not find a project on the store but a content folder. What should be inside the folder goes as follows:
  • Content\Sku_Asset_Name + Shared Content (the files needed from the plugin)
  • As easy as copy and paste you can take the content folder and add it to your current project. As soon as you do the asset is ready to use in any project of your choosing!

How can I see all the available content in the Unreal File Format?

  • In the Daz Store, use the filter “software” and click ‘Unreal.’  That filter selection will allow you to see all the available items in the store with that file format.
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