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  • Why should I download DazCentral? 
    • DazCentral is the easiest way to download Daz content and applications to your computer. It takes up less space on your system, and installs content to paths that are easier to manage!
  • What are the advantages of DazCentral over Install Manager?
    • Besides ease of use, one-click opening a 3D asset into Daz Studio, and a streamlined user interface, DazCentral is a singular location where you can not only manage your content, but also view tutorials, access product and software documentation and get software updates.
  • I want to learn how to use Daz Studio, where do I start?
    • On the left hand side of DazCentral, click Daz Studio, and then choose Resources at the top of the page. Scroll down and you will see some tutorials that will help you get creating with Daz Studio.
  • How do I change my installation paths in DazCentral?
    • Click on the gear icon in the top right corner and you will be able to change your installation path under Base Path Location.
  • Where can I find my DazStudio serial number?
    • Follow the below steps to locate your serial number(s).
      • Log in to your account at http://www.daz3d.com/.
      • Click the small, blue person at the top right of the web page.
      • Click “My Account” in the drop-down menu.
      • Click “Serial Numbers".
  • Daz Studio appears white when I load it. What do I do?
    • This error appears when Daz Studio is open while you update it. To fix this, make sure you close out of Daz Studio, uninstall Daz Studio through DazCentral, and then you can reinstall it to fix this issue.
  • I would like to change to an EU date format in DazCentral. Is this possible?
    • Yes! Click on the gear icon in the top right corner and move the toggle next to Date Format to change how the date will appear.
  • Where can I find tutorials and other helpful information in DazCentral?
    • ‘External Links’ will take you to the Daz Documentation Center, helpful Forums, or to additional support.
    • Each individual Daz 3D App (Studio, Hexagon, Carrara and Bryce) has an individual resource page that links to app-specific forums, FAQs, Tutorials, and the Daz Documentation Center.
  • How can I find my products in My Library in DazCentral?
    • Quite easily!  You can view all products you’ve purchased from Daz 3D in the ‘My Library’ tab, and can also sort your 3D products by name, date purchased, size, and actions (such as open, install, uninstall, and update).
  • Does DazCentral mean I can’t use Daz Install Manager (DIM)?
    • You can use DazCentral and Daz Install Manager together! DazCentral can detect what content is installed through Install Manager. It will also detect that path Install Manager is installing content to and will automatically read and install to this path.
  • How often are links updated (like tutorials) in Daz Central?
    • Currently, Daz 3D updates Daz Central a few times a year, or when a major update is coming out. So be sure to check regularly for updates.
  • I’m on a Mac, can I use DazCentral?
    • For the time being, PC is the only supported operating system for DazCentral. Those who prefer to work on Mac should still use the Daz Install Manager.


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