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Face Transfer is a free product from Daz Studio that creates an authentic 3D model of yourself or others with accurate skin tone and shading by simply uploading a photograph in Daz Studio.

The Face Transfer System transfers your face shape, bone structure, texture, and tone, allowing you to create a realistic version of whoever you wish.

The free version of Face Transfer is included in Daz Studio and allows you to create an unlimited number of faces to design, pose, and render. Each of those faces will include a Daz 3D watermark.  The free version also allows you to remove the watermark and save up to three faces.  

Face Transfer Unlimited lets you render/save out as many faces without watermarks as you like.


Process Overview:

  1. After purchasing and downloading in Daz Install Manager (DIM), open Daz Studio and in the header menu: Windows > Pane > Face Transfer

  2. Click on Face Transfer.  You will be prompted to select a compatible character base (Genesis 8 Female or Genesis 8 Male).

  3. Choose a clear headshot photo of yourself to upload.
  1. This photo should be a clear headshot photo of yourself without facial hair or heavy makeup so the program can better map your features.

  1. After applying your face to a 3D Model, you’re ready to add clothing and poses to your 3D version of you, or put yourself into an amazing 3D environment.
  1. You get 3 Free renders with the free Face Transfer version.  The blue “Daz 3D” Icon disappears during the render process. After you render your first three scenes, that blue watermark will continue to appear.
  2. If you’ve run out of free Face Transfer renders and want to keep making characters without a watermark, you can purchase and download Face Transfer Unlimited from the Daz Shop.

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