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Using Daz 3D Content in 3D Printing

Please refer to our EULA:

At this time you may only use your 3D printed models for personal use. You may not sell them or use them commercially. 

We are working on implementing an option for 3D Print commercial licenses. Please continue to watch the site for updates on this.
If you have any further questions on this, please submit a help ticket to the sales.


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    Juan Bartet

    Does this mean you can buy a license to print in 3D for commercial use and sale of physical obj?


    5.0 Commercial 3D Print Add-On License

    For any User who has purchased one or more Commercial 3D Print Add-On Licenses via the DAZ store, the terms of this Addendum 5.0 apply to all Content that the User has purchased such a Commercial 3D Print Add-On License for.

    All Content that can be identified according to the above criteria shall hereinafter be referred to as “Print Content”. The terms of this addendum 5.0 do not apply to any other Content.

    For all Print Content the creation of three-dimensional physical representations of the Print Content or any three-dimensional art derived from the Print Content is permitted for personal as well as commercial use by the User so long as it is produced by 3D Printing. The number of such Commercial prints allowed to be made of the Content by the purchase of a Commercial 3D Print Add-On License for that Content is limited to Twenty (20).

    In order to produce more than twenty commercial 3D prints of Content User should contact Daz 3D customer service by opening a support ticket and request the ability to purchase additional Commercial 3D Print Add-On Licenses for the Content.

    Edited by Juan Bartet
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    Sherzod Nasirov

    Hello! We bought 3D animation from your site, but it does not open through the 3D Max program. Through which program do I need to open it so that it is supported?