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Why is my Daz Studio Interface White and Not Working?

If you leave Daz Studio open when updating the software, your interface may turn white and look a bit strange, with limited functionality. This is an error with the interface that happens if Daz Studio is open when it is updated. To avoid this error, make sure DAZ Studio is not open when installing updates.

To fix the interface, quit DAZ Studio. Then, open Install Manager, and uninstall all versions of DAZ Studio and PostgreSQL CMS. Then reinstall DAZ Studio using DAZ Install Manager. Then reinstall PostgreSQL CMS (whichever bit and version you need).

If this does not resolve the interface issue, please open a ticket here.


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    yvonne bailes

    why is mine with such a small writing on the interface .. i have a big screen

  • Avatar
    Jared Nielson

    Hi Yvonne- If you have the latest release of Daz Studio,, then it will enable high DPI scaling. If you have further questions on this, please open a ticket here