How to Use Your File Manager System to Organize Your Content in 4.9

We have been asked how to set up Daz Studio to use the file system to organize content the way many of you are used to doing. Note this has been jokingly referred to as 1995 mode. :)

While it isn't the recommended way to do things, because we believe a relational database is the best way to organize your content, we do recognize that many of you prefer to do things this way. We have included a method to allow this while, at the same time, allowing content to be updated using Daz Connect. 

Remember that while there isn't a limit on how many content directories you can have, Daz Studio works best with 10 or fewer. 

Step 1: Install your content using Daz Connect. 

Step 2: Create a Content Directory (folder on disk) where you want to host your content. (In this example I am using the same directory where Daz Connect is installing content, but that is not necessary.) 

Step 3: Using the Content Directory Manager, make sure your directory is added to Daz Studio. 

Step 4: Either in Daz Studio or in your file browser, create any sub-directories you want. 

Step 5: In Daz Studio, from your choice of Smart Content, Products (Content Library), or Categories (Content Library), copy and paste or drag and drop to the appropriate folder that you just created. Note this does work with multi-select and can be a temporary folder if you prefer. This will create a small (approximately 4K) file in the location you chose with a .djl extension.

Step 6: You can use Daz Studio to go to your folder in the file browser.

Step 7: You can now move these files around using either Daz Studio or your file browser, and you can organize them however you want. 

Important notes: 

  • These djl files are links to the original files, like Shortcuts or Aliases in your OS, so they will not uninstall if you uninstall the actual content using Daz Connect.
  • Also like Shortcuts or Aliases if the name of the base file changes then the djl file will no longer work.
  • Unlike Shortcuts or Aliases if you move the location of your Daz Connect installed folders, these will still work. 
  • These djl files can only be within Daz Studio base directories. (They do not work in Poser Runtime folders.) 
  • If you put a thumbnail and/or a tip file with the same name next to the djl file then that will be what is displayed. If you do not then it will read the image from the base content that it was created from. 
  • You can rename the djl files and it will not affect how they work. 

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