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How do I install "Daz Connect Encrypted" content into Daz Studio 4.9?

To install Daz Connect Encrypted purchases, launch Daz Studio 4.9. Log into your account.

Go to Smart Content (1). Highlight the "Products" page (2). On the left, choose either "All" or the category the product would be under, such as "Figures", depending on what type of product it is (3). Under the product icons, choose "Available" (4).  

Then, simply double click on the icon you need to install.  It will change from grey to color.  You will also have an update bar showing the installation progress on the bottom right corner.  


After your product is installed, it will now show as a full color icon.  You can find it under the Product page, under "Installed" (one of the product options under the icons), or under your Files page, or in your Content Library under Products.





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    Terri Hale

    I will never support this encrypted process in any shape or form.