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How do I install Daz Connect products using Offline Packages?

Login to your Daz 3D account on the Daz 3D website.

    • Choose a product in your Product Library that you want to download the Offline Package for.
    • Download the Offline Package (*.sep) and the Offline Authorization (*.sea) files for the product
      • Both files are required for each product.

    On the computer the Offline Package(s) will be installed to:

    • Launch Daz Studio 4.10 and login to the same Daz 3D account used to manually download the Offline Packages.
      • This must happen only once for the destination machine; it is not required for each product.
    • Using the OS file browser (e.g., Explorer/Finder), navigate to a content directory that is mapped as the "Daz Connect Data" directory in the Content Directory Manager.
      • To get to the Content Directory Manager: In Daz Studio > Right Click on the Content Library pane > Content Directory Manager... > Expand Daz Connect Data. This is the path you will need to follow.
    • Within the chosen mapped directory, navigate to the ./data/cloud/install sub-directory
      • If the sub-directory (install) does not exist, you will need to create it.
    • Copy the Offline Package (*.sep) and the Offline Authorization (*.sea) files, previously downloaded, to the ./data/cloud/install directory
    • If Daz Studio is not already running, launch it.
    • Right click on the Smart Content or Content Library pane > Select Install Offline Products...

    *Note: The *.sep and *.sea files for a given product will be removed from the ./data/cloud/install directory as that product is installed.



  • Avatar
    Kathy Pannke

    yea.. That didn't work well... I followed the instructions on the installer above tutorial..

    When it came to pressing the "Install Offline Products" A dialog box came and vanished so fast, I was unable to read it... And the content failed to load..
    This is not too tragic, as I really do not need the free bed at the moment.. I decided to download it more for a trial run for future purchases..

  • Avatar
    Jared Nielson

    Hi Kathy,
    When you are able, please open a help desk ticket on this. Please include the product name.

  • Avatar
    Steven Coops

    Did not work for me either - Daz Crap-nect is what I'm starting to call this. Every install I have a problem with. Great idea garbage implementation.

  • Avatar
    martin northrop

    Didn't work for me either, not sure what to do now.

  • Avatar
    lesie walker

    sometimes I call daz crap it great idea if worked a lot its does work when you download it then you email it invalid the one used since your computer that pay for the intenet which is also crap I have nothing works with internet I am afraid not evern daz studio and I am altzimers try to leave for the people to rembmenber by a computer games player

  • Avatar
    Lucas Mercado

    wow did the install tab disappear fast, how to stop it from disappearing so I can click on install??????????????
    I have no other option I live in China most of the time.
    I cant carry a computer from Hong Kong to China each time I want to install some thing, Looks like I need to find some other software for 3D art that can work in China, When I go back to Texas if I had to find another software that will be the one I recommend to any one that ask or wants to know what I am using.