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How do I install Daz Connect products using Offline Packages?

  1. Login to your Daz 3D account on the Daz 3D website.
  2. Choose a product in your Product Library that you want to download the Offline Package for.
  3. Download the Offline Package (*.sep) and the Offline Authorization (*.sea) files for the product
    • Both files are required for each product.

On the computer the Offline Package(s) will be installed to:

  1. Launch Daz Studio 4.9 and login to the same Daz 3D account used to manually download the Offline Packages.
    • This must happen only once for the destination machine; it is not required for each product.
  2. Using the OS file browser (e.g., Explorer/Finder), navigate to a content directory that is mapped as the "Daz Connect Data" directory or a "Daz Studio Formats" directory in the Content Directory Manager.
  3. Within the chosen mapped directory, navigate to the ./data/cloud/install sub-directory
    • If the sub-directory does not exist, you will need to create it.
  4. Copy the Offline Package (*.sep) and the Offline Authorization (*.sea) files, previously downloaded, to the ./data/cloud/install directory
  5. If Daz Studio is not already running, launch it.
  6. In the pane option menu for the Smart Content or Contnet Library pane, click the "Install Offline Products" action.

*Note: The *.sep and *.sea files for a given product will be removed from the ./data/cloud/install directory as that product is installed.



  • Avatar
    Kathy Pannke

    yea.. That didn't work well... I followed the instructions on the installer above tutorial..

    When it came to pressing the "Install Offline Products" A dialog box came and vanished so fast, I was unable to read it... And the content failed to load..
    This is not too tragic, as I really do not need the free bed at the moment.. I decided to download it more for a trial run for future purchases..

  • Avatar
    Jared Nielson

    Hi Kathy,
    When you are able, please open a help desk ticket on this. Please include the product name.

  • Avatar
    Steven Coops

    Did not work for me either - Daz Crap-nect is what I'm starting to call this. Every install I have a problem with. Great idea garbage implementation.

  • Avatar
    martin northrop

    Didn't work for me either, not sure what to do now.

  • Avatar
    lesie walker

    sometimes I call daz crap it great idea if worked a lot its does work when you download it then you email it invalid the one used since your computer that pay for the intenet which is also crap I have nothing works with internet I am afraid not evern daz studio and I am altzimers try to leave for the people to rembmenber by a computer games player