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Bug Reporting

You can report a bug for applications, content, or the website through the Zendesk support page.  The DAZ 3D agent will review your report and try to duplicate it.  If the bug can be duplicated, the agent will most likely pass it on to the appropriate testing group.  If the report is a common user issue, the agent may instead offer technical assistance for how to resolve or trouble-shoot the issue.  The agent may also ask for more information in order to work on the bug or provide technical assistance that will be useful to you.

You can help improve the speediness and quality of support with the following information.  The information refers mainly to DAZ Studio, but most of it can be applied to other applications like Carrara.

 Are you using the latest release build of the software?  If you are using an older build, you should update to the current release build.  A bug report needs to be duplicated in the current release.  Earlier versions may not have the fixes or changes of the current release.

♦ When you report a bug, DAZ 3D will try to duplicate the bug.  The agent who looks at your report will see if it is possible to duplicate the results that you report. If your report is simply a crash log from DAZ Studio or the statement, "It's not working," the agent will have nothing to test and your "bug report" will not be passed on.  This is not due to a lack of concern or interest. It's because the developers and testers are working for a technical solution and without the ability to duplicate the bug, there's no technical foundation for finding a solution.  Another reason the DAZ 3D agent needs to duplicate the bug is to eliminate user error.

DAZ Tech support will still attempt to help you resolve the issue you are having, even if the bug cannot be duplicated.  The exception to this is for products that are not supported.  For example, Bryce is not supported in Mac OS 10.7, so DAZ 3D tech support generally will not attempt to assist with Bryce in this situation. 

Here are some examples of bug or crash information provided by users:

* "Whenever I launch Studio, it crashes."  
* "When I move something around in the view port in Carrara, it crashes."
* "Almost every time I try to do a render in Studio, it crashes just before the end."
* "When I try to open the Render Pane in Studio, it won't open. It just flashes (or I see nothing at all)."
* "I can't find the Genesis 2 female base figure. I looked in the Content Library Pane and in the Smart Content Pane."

* "The content isn't there."  How did you look for it? Did you use the readme or the file list?  Is this problem due to an error with the content, with how your Studio is working, or due to a lack of user knowledge about how to find a product?  The third reason is the most common.
* "Here's my crash report" without any description of when it happens or the circumstances.  The crash report is useful and should be included, but very often, it will not give what was happening in Studio at the time of the crash or what you, the user, were doing just before or when the crash happened.  It is rare that the cause of the crash will be obvious in the Studio log.
* "Studio doesn't work" without any other useful information.
* "It just stopped working."  What stopped working? Did it stop launching?  Did the render function stop working? What?


When possible, include step-by-step instructions for what you've did when Studio or the other application crashed.  If your actions were simple, then saying, "I tried to launch Studio" or "I tried to launch Carrara" is appropriate.  If you did a course of several steps, such as "I tried to launch Studio and load my last saved scene," then include those.


Is there some change that you've made in the application software or in your operating system?  Perhaps, you updated your graphics card driver, changed to a new graphics card, or are using a different user account.  The support agent will probably not know this and may not have a reason to ask about this.  If you know of other information that could possible be relevant, please include it.


Try some trouble-shooting, if possible.  Unlike taking your car to the mechanic or taking yourself to the doctor, there's not another person usually who can directly trouble-shoot the issue.   You can take the initiative and try some of the following trouble-shooting steps.  They won't necessarily solve the issue, but if they change the results or prevent a crash, that information can be very useful to the DAZ 3D Agent assisting you.

♦ Update DAZ Studio to the latest build.  You can find the latest build with Install Manager or in Product Library.  If you you've already installed Studio with Bitrock and are installing for the first time with Install Manager, make sure to use the Bitrock uninstaller first.  Sometimes, installing the latest public build (ie, beta version) can resolve issues, but usually not.

♦ Change the Display Optimization to None.   Windows: EDIT --> Preferences --> Interface.  Mac: DAZStudio --> Preferences --> Interface.   In the Interface Window, find 'Display Optimization' in the middle and change to 'None.'  Then press 'Accept.'  Close and re-launch Studio.  If it doesn't crash or doesn't crash as often, there could be a display (OpenGL) issue.

♦ Turn off DCMS and then try to launch Studio.  If Studio launches with DCMS off, then you probably have a corrupted database.  You can learn how to turn off DCMS in this article:

♦ Is it possible a corrupt or defective plugin file is causing Studio to crash? Rename plugins folder.  If Studio is crashing on launch, you can rename the plugins folder and then try to launch Studio.  By renaming the plugins folder, you can change the name back to 'Plugins' and not have to reinstall the plugins or Studio.  If you rename the plugins folder and Studio launches, then it's very likely one of the plugins is causing the problem.  You continue to trouble-shoot by narrowing down the cause to which plugin.  If you find that it doesn't make a difference, you can easily rename the plugins folder back to the the original name with no additional harm done.  The plugins folder is here:
          Mac: MacHD:Applications:DAZ 3D:DAZStudio4:plugins
          Windows: C:\Program Files\DAZ 3D\DAZStudio4\plugins
You can also do this same procedure for Carrara.  Carrara has an 'extentions' folder which is analogous to the plugins folder for Studio.  The 'extensions' folder is immediately inside of the Carrara application folder.

♦ Provide info about content.  If you are not able to find content, for example, provide some useful information for the DAZ Tech agent:

      * The particular content product you are looking for.  If there's a bug with the specific content product, the help agent needs to know which one.  Provide the name of the product.  Even the order number is more useful than nothing at all.
      * How to Make a Screen Shot of Mapped Content in DAZ Studio 4:
     * How to Make A Screen Shot of the Content Path in DAZ Install Manager:


It's never fun to have to report a bug.  This article has hopefully made the process clearer and given you some things to work on to help the DAZ Agent better help you in return. Thank you.