OpenGL support for DAZ 3D applications

OpenGL support is critical for DAZ 3D applications, including DAZ Studio, Carrara, Bryce, Hexagon, and Mimic.

OpenGL is used to display a real-time preview of the scene.  Every time you see the scene in the view port or manipulate the model directly in the view port, you are enjoying the use of OpenGL.

Each application has a recommended minimum version of OpenGL support required for it work. If your computer offers poor or no OpenGL support, then the application will perform very poorly or simply crash.

Mac OpenGL Support
Most Macs have very good OpenGL Support, but this is not always so.

Unlike other platforms, where the Operating System and OpenGL implementations are often updated separately, OpenGL updates are included as part of Mac OS X system updates. To obtain the latest OpenGL on Mac OS X, users should upgrade to the latest OS release, which can be found at

PC OpenGL Support
OpenGL Support can be very good on the PC.  However, the software driver provided may need to be updated.  There are differences between a software driver for your graphics card which is provided by Microsoft and a software driver which is provided by the manufacturer of the video card.  Unfortunately, in Windows Vista and Windows 7, the Microsoft version of the graphics card driver handles OpenGL through DirectX.  This produces very poor performance as it is inadequate. 

PC users are advised to visit the website of the manufacturer of the graphics card and get the latest version of the driver for the graphics card.  This is very important for users of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Onboard video cards, such as the Intel Graphics card, do not provide adequate OpenGL support.  At the time of this article, there are not any driver updates for an Intel Graphics card that provide adequate OpenGL Support.  Users should contact the hardware support for their card to see if this has changed.

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