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How do I make a screen shot on the PC?

  1. Have what you want displayed on the monitor for the screen shot. The screen shot function just takes a picture of whatever is on the screen at the moment.
  2. Press these two buttons at the same time: CONTROL + PrtScn. The PrtScn button (Print Screen) is usually located in the upper right portion of your keyboard. After you press these two buttons simultaneously, Windows will take a snapshot of whatever is on the screen at the time and commit that image to memory. You will not see any visual changes made to anything on screen at this time.
  3. Open either a text editing program like MSWord or Wordpad; or, a picture editing program like MSPaint or Photoshop. If you are not sure if you have any of these programs then use MSPaint. To find MSPaint, go to START --> All Programs --> Accessories --> MSPaint.
  4. After the chosen program has opened, press CTRL + V at the same time on your keyboard to paste the screen shot into your document. In MSPaint, a new document will be open by default. In some other applications, you may need to create a new document first, usually by going to FILE --> New. Once you have an open document you can also paste the screen shot by going to either the Edit menu and selecting Paste; or you can right-click somewhere on the body of the document and choose Paste.
  5. Lastly, you will need to save the document/image by going to the File menu and selecting Save. Make sure that you remember where the image has been saved.
  6. Now you have a screen shot saved to send to DAZ Customer service and to your friends!