What are the benefits of becoming a Platinum Club+ member.

Become a Platinum Club+  member to further your development as a 3D designer, receive additional discounts/coupons/freebies, connect with a community of your peers, and much more!

Receive an additional selected percentage (%) off ALL DAZ ORIGINALS - You can recognize a DAZ Original by looking for "Artist: DAZ Originals" on the product page to the right of the promo image. If another artist is listed after DAZ Original, it is still a DAZ Original product. 

Within your Daz 3D account, locate the 2 monthly coupons that are guaranteed to be updated on a monthly basis. For assistance on how to locate your coupon, refer to the article: “How to add your Platinum Club+ Coupon.”

Weekly and Monthly freebies can be found within our Platinum-club-plus webpage, which is updated weekly. 

A weekly newsletter that provides the following: 

  • New releases 
  • Discounts on select PC + items 
  • Weekly/monthly freebie 
  • PC+ inspiration contest

Access granted to PC+ members only Forums! A private message can be sent using Daz 3D Forums, which will not be publicly viewable.The Daz 3D Forums is a destination for learning, conversation and helping others. A way to develop as a 3D designer!

**Additional Details: 
There are no refunds on Platinum Club Subscriptions. You may cancel your membership at any time. If you do not wish to auto-renew you will need to cancel your Membership beforehand. PayPal users must cancel with PayPal as well. If you cancel your membership, you will remain in Platinum Club until your membership expiration date.

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