How does my Platinum Club+ Membership automatically renew?

After you join Platinum Club+ (PC+) via Quarterly or Annual Payment Plan, your account is set to have this membership expire on a certain date. In order for your membership to continue uninterrupted, you must have both a valid credit card and billing address associated with your PC+ Membership. PayPal can also be used to purchase the annual/quarterly membership.

Daz3D will continue to debit your credit card this amount once each quarter or year, up to 5 business days before the membership expiration date in order to continue your PC+ Membership.

If you need to update your payment method, you WILL need to CANCEL the current Membership and repurchase the Membership with the new payment method, or it will renew to the original payment method. If your original payment method is expired or there are insufficient funds, the Membership will decline. 

**Additional Details: 
There are no refunds for Platinum Club Memberships. You may cancel your membership at any time, and you will receive your PC+ benefits until your expiration date. 

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