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$1.99 Platinum Club items show different price

Why are the Platinum Club Item's at the special $1.99 membership price showing up at a different price when I attampt to purchase them?

Platinum Club Products may only be purchased once at the special $1.99 membership price.

There are two comon issues that may cause a $1.99 item to display the full regular price, you may have either already purchased this item before, or your Platinum Club Membership may have expired.

To resolve these issues first you will need to browse to your "Account Page" by navigating to the "My Account" link ( in the upper right-hand corner of your browser window. You may be required to resubmit your login information at this time.

Check the "Platinum Club" preferences section of your account page and ensure that the current and correct billing information is in place. Next, browse to the "Itemized Order History" section of your account page and check to see if you have purchased this item before.