Why are downloads from Daz 3D's website slow, even though other websites are fast?

There are several factors that affect download speed: Speed of the website's servers, speed of your ISP's server, and speed of hubs in between the site and your computer.  Daz 3D has no direct control over hubs.

If you are experiencing slow downloads from Daz 3D's website and not from other websites, you should see whether other users of our website are also experiencing slow download speeds.  If most users of www.daz3d.com are not experiencing slow download speeds while you are, the issue is most likely with internet hubs between our website and your computer. 

To see whether this is the case on a PC, you should run a traceroute.  This diagnostic tool will show how many hubs your connection is passing through.  You can use it to see how fast or how slow data is traveling.

To use this tool on a PC, go to the Start menu and type "cmd" without the quotes.  When this is done, press Enter on your keyboard.  This will open a command prompt.  In the prompt, type:

tracert www.daz3d.com

After you press Enter, you will see several entries appear.  Each entry in the list identifies a hub that the data is passing through. At the end of the tracert (trace route), you should see this:

Trace complete.

By using this tool, you, the user, can better gauge your connectivity to our website.  It is possible for a website to have very reliable servers and connectivity and yet still have users who experience slow download speeds.  The speed at which data passes through hubs can greatly effect different users in some locations or with some ISPs.  For this reason most users will experience very good connectivity to Daz 3D's website, but other may experience slow or poor download speeds.

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