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Download Tips

Here are some tips for downloading, especially if you are experiencing problems: 

1. Do not use a download manager or accelerator, other than the DAZ Install Manager. These do not work with our download servers.  

2. Avoid using AOL's proprietary browser. Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, and Safari work fine.

3. Choose to 'SAVE' the file. Do not choose 'RUN' as you should have the full file before you start to install it. Some of our product files are many mbs in size and you should wait for the full download to complete.

4. If you have an incomplete or corrupt download, you will need to redownload. Before you redownload, you should clear your browser's cookies and cache.  To learn how to do this click here. This removes the previous copy of the incomplete file from your browser's cache. If you don't remove this, your browser will likely just give you that same incomplete file again. If you clear your browser's cache, then you force it to get a new copy from our server.

5. Compare the size of the downloaded file to the size that is indicated to the right on the 'Product Library' page.

6. The Mac files can be uncompressed in two different ways. If you have Stuffit Expander already installed, make sure you have the latest version. You can get a free copy of this from If you do not have it installed, you can change the extension from .sit to .zip and double-click. Your Mac OS will uncompress the file.

7. By default, downloads for both platforms appear in your 'Product Library'. DAZ content is in .zip format and can be installed on both PC and Mac platforms. Plugins will be labeled PC or Mac for clarity.

8. Download files in the 'Product Library' are available for download 24/7 and no longer expire.  If you do not like re-downloading the same file over and over, you may want to consider saving a copy of the installer on your hard drive or burning to disk for your own use. 

Please follow the below steps to locate your products in the Product Library of your account.

1. Log in to your account at
2. Click "My Account" in the upper right hand corner.
3. Click "Product Library", located top center just under the banners. You should see a list of products along the left side.
4. Click on the product name and a list of downloadable products will show up in the center window.
5. Locate the installer and click the blue "Download" button for manual installation or the green "Download & Install" button for the Install Manager.