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Download Links Missing After Purchase

If the download links do not appear on your account after you place an order, it usually means that the payment on the order was not completely processed.   You can check the order details for this order by clicking on the Open order number, usually located at the bottom of the Itemized Order History section of your account page.  From here you can try processing the payment on the order again. Here is a step by step guide to processing payment on an open order:   

1. When you log into your Account, click on the Itemized Order History link and scroll to the bottom.  

2. In this section you need to click on the order number for the open order.  

3. If you do not have the payment method you wish to use on file you will need to click on Add a New Payment Instruction to add a new credit card, or change the payment method from Credit Card to PayPal and then click Change.

4. Then, you need to select the credit card you wish to use from the Please Select a Card drop down and click Change to update.  (Disregard this step if you are using PayPal)

5. Once you have done this you need to click either Charge my Card or the blue link to PayPal to finish processing the payment.  If your payment method is PayPal and you have already processed your payment through the PayPal system it may be that the payment hasn't posted to the order yet.  If you selected the eCheck payment method with PayPal it can take a few business days to process and post to the order. As soon as your payment is received, the download links will be set up. If it has been more than 5 business days since you placed the order and processed the payment you may need to contact the Sales Department for further assistance, which can be accomplished from the "Contact US" tab.