Distributing add-on products that use INJ/REM pose files

Unlike the Victoria 2 and Michael 2 CR2 files, the Victoria 3 and Michael 3 CR2 files do not contain proprietary morph data. Rather, they use Delta [Morph] Injection files to add morphs to the CR2. Although Victoria and Michael 3's CR2 files are distributable under certain conditions (see below for details), DAZ encourages all users of these figures to use Delta Injection where applicable for the distribution of their own work. We have designed these 3.0 version CR2's to allow for 3rd party developers to inject their own original morphs into the figure. There are many benefits to distributing original morphs in this way, which will be outlined below.

For the distribution of characters based on DAZ created morphs, however, the same rules apply as with Victoria 2. For example, DAZ morphs may be referenced in PZ2 or FC2 files, but not included in a new MOR pose or in a vertex-only OBJ file.<h3>Ways to create and legally distribute products for use with figures that utilize INJ/REM pose files:</h3>Characters and Scenes - CR2 and PZ3 filesA Victoria 3 CR2 file containing -by means of Delta Injection or otherwise- DAZ created morphs cannot be distributed, whether the DAZ morphs are included in whole or in part, or in combination with some custom morph element. PZ3 files created involving such characters will also contain this data, and so cannot be redistributed either. [A PZ3 file contains the entire CR2 file(s)]

Because Victoria 3 CR2s are only distributable without DAZ morphs included (even derivative morphs), character add-on creators must rely on the end user to own and inject these morphs themselves, or create a readScript file to inject the morph(s) for them. [See methods of distribution below]DAZ maintains a policy that allows the distribution of most products' CR2 files in order to facilitate the creation of complimentary products by 3rd party developers, as described above.

For products with non-distributable CR2 files, DAZ provides a distributable version of the CR2 for this purpose.However, as always, the content of DAZ's CR2 (and other) files remain our proprietary data, and the use of this data in the creation of derivative, competitive products is prohibited. In the case of our human figures this means that the CR2 data may be used freely for the purpose of creating figure add-ons (such as clothing, etc.), but may not be used for the purpose of creating another humanoid figure, which could compete with the original. Please note that Geometry contained in the OBJ files may not be used to create any derivative model, add-on or otherwise.

Poses - PZ2, FC2 and HD2 files:PZ2 (Pose), FC2 (Face), and HD2 (Hand) pose files that you create for Victoria 3 can be freely distributed since these files contain only the morph settings and not the morph data itself. Even if you select 'Include Morph Channels' no actual morph data will be included, and the file can be legally distributed. Of course if you alter these files outside of Poser so that they include DAZ morph information in the form of deltas, then they may not be distributed.

Pose files are an efficient and user-friendly way to create and distribute new V3-based characters that involve DAZ morph targets. You can create unique new morph-combinations which are difficult for others to reproduce, and then save your settings as a pose file. Using a readScript command you can create a single pose file that will inject the Morphs into the figure and dial the appropriate dial settings (as well as inject/dial any 100% custom morph, if you need that as well). A tutorial on creating readScripts is now available.

Maps - Image files referenced in CR2 files and MAT Pose files:Maps (for any model) cannot be distributed if they are created using DAZ-sold maps as a starting point. Creating them "from scratch" means using only the Victoria 3 templates provided on the Victoria 3 webpage as a guide.Though it is perfectly legal to distribute maps with an accompanying, morph-empty Victoria 3 CR2 file which references the map, we recommend using MAT Pose files instead. MAT Pose files are PZ2 files which only change material settings for the model, and are a great way to make your textures easy to load. There are many benefits to using MAT Poses instead of creating a Victoria 3 CR2 which loads your texture:- PZ2 files are redistributable.- PZ2 files require very little memory, compared to huge CR2 files which use lots of disk space.- The same MAT Pose file will work with other distributed "characters" and updates for Victoria 3, making the files more flexible for the end user.Morphs - Ways to distribute your morphs for Victoria 3:

1) Victoria 3 Morph Combos: As stated in the poses section, you can create your own new characters for Victoria 3 simply by using combinations of the extensive morphs sold by DAZ for the figure. You can create great effects which are not easily duplicated by others, and save out your dial settings in a PZ2 file, which you can freely distribute.For Victoria 3 it is possible to create PZ2 files that read in the morphs, called readScript poses. More information on these files can be found in this tutorial.

2) All-new Custom Morphs: As with any product, you can create a new morph from scratch for Victoria 3 and distribute it as a vertex-only OBJ file. Once you have saved out the geometry for your morph, you can make it a vertex-only OBJ using a utility such as MorphMasher, or MorphSqueeze. This can also be done in a text editor by removing all of the lines other than those beginning with a "v". (As a result these "squished" OBJ files are much less memory-intensive and easier to distribute.) These morphs must be completely original to be distributed in this manner. See below for more information on new morphs that also involve DAZ created morphs. It is also possible to distribute a Victoria 3 CR2 file containing ONLY your custom morph information. However it is recommended that original, custom morphs for the Victoria 3 model be distributed via delta injection pose files, which inject your morphs into any of the community dials (PBMCC_##) already built into the Victoria 3 CR2. There are many benefits to this method:- PZ2 files are redistributable (provided they do not contain any proprietary morph data - see below).- The contents of the PZ2 files and your accompanying delta files remain your own intellectual property.- PZ2 files require very little memory individually, compared to huge CR2 files which use much more disk space for the sake of a few morphs.- PZ2 files allow for compatibility with any future updates to the Victoria 3 CR2 by DAZ, and a greater range of usability with other 3rd party products as well.

3) Custom Morphs based on Victoria 3 Morph Combos: If you want to create a custom morph using one or more of Victoria 3's morphs as a starting point, you can do this by creating two separate distributable files - a PZ2 pose file with dial settings for the appropriate Victoria 3 morphs, and a vertex-only OBJ with only your custom morph. [This is the same method necessary for distributing semi-custom morphs for Victoria 2 or Michael 2]To do this, dial up the morphs you wish to start from, and record which specific morphs you used and at what values. Then create your custom morph as you normally would. Once you have it, apply it to Victoria 3 at a value of 1 and then "inverse out" the DAZ morphs you used and recorded as your starting point. (ie: Dial the DAZ morphs negatively at the same value that you originally used.) This will isolate the changes truly unique to your custom morph. Then, export a new OBJ, which at this point only includes these changes, and make it a vertex-only OBJ file. You can now distribute your hybrid morph as a Pose file accompanied by a "squished" OBJ file. When the end-user uses both together they have your character.

For Victoria 3 it is also possible to distribute these hybrid morphs in a way that the end user only needs to apply a single pose (without using "squished" OBJ files). These poses involve readScripts, and can be created so that one file will inject the appropriate DAZ-made V3 morphs, dial those morphs to the correct value, inject your isolated morphs and dial those morphs. More information on these readScript pose files can be found in this tutorial.Animations - BVH and PZ2 files:For distributing animations for Victoria 3, you can save your animation as a PZ2 file which is freely distributable, or export the animation data as a BVH file which can also be redistributed.

Victoria 3 animations saved as PZ3 files, just as any other PZ3 file, cannot be redistributed if they include the DAZ morphs.

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