As a Published Artist what portion of the sales do I get from my product?

Under an exclusive agreement the Licensor (you) receives a royalty of fifty percent (50%) of the Net Sales Revenue. Net Sales is defined as the Gross Sale Price minus rebates, refunds, discounts, fees incurred, etc.. This is another element of our brokering contract which differs from normal practice. Usual percentages for the creator (and in most of the cases where DAZ Production has been brokered by other companies) are closer to 10-15%. Again, we feel that this kind of percentage will foster more creativity by artists already out there, and perhaps inspire new work from those who have thus far been hesitant to market their product. The royalty rates for non-exclusive agreements are much lower, but decided on a product by product basis.

In addition to this standard 50% we offer a top seller bonus to our top 100 artists ranging from 5 to 15%.  This is the largest and most wide spread bonus of any brokerage in this market.

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