Will Accessories for Victoria 1 work with Victoria 2.0?

Yes, all accessories (Clothing, Poses, Hairstyles, and Texture Maps) that have been made for the original 1.0 models will work with the new 2.0 models. We wanted to find a way to allow Victoria 2.0 and Michael 2.0 to wear clothing designed for the P4 female and male (included default figures in Poser 4) while still being able to use the body texture maps belonging to Victoria1/Michael1 (this would not be feasible by simply placing Victoria/Michael head's onto the P4 figure's body). This left us with the time-consuming and difficult process of morphing Victoria's and Michael's body to fit the P4 woman's/man's body and regrouping it so that the P4 clothing would conform to it.

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