How to install and use V4.2 Muscle Morphs in DAZ Studio on the PC

Install Victoria 4.2 base (ps_pe069_Victoria4) to
c:\Program Files\DAZ\Studio\Content
An earlier version of V4, such as V4.0 or V4.1 will not initialize properly.

Allow product to initialize at the end.  But just to make sure, I do it manually here:
C:\Program Files\DAZ\Studio\content\Runtime\libraries\!DAZ\DzCreateExPFiles-V4.bat

Run the Victoria 4.2 Muscle Morphs installer (ps_mr259_V4MuscleMorphs) to
c:\Program Files\DAZ\Studio\Content
It must be version 4.2.  An earlier version, such as V4.0 or V4.2 will not initialize properly.

Allow this product to initialize at the end.  There is no manual way to initialize it.

In DAZ Studio, load 'Victoria 4.2' into the scene.  Don't load Victoria 4.2 EZ into the scene as the EZ version won't accept morphs.

Once V4.2 is loaded into the scene, make sure that she remains 'selected'.  If not selected, then the morphs won't inject.

Then go to Poses --> DAZ's Victoria 4 --> Morph Injections.  In this folder, find and double-click INJ Muscles V4.  

Then look at the Parameters Tab and expand the portion labeled 'muscle.'

You should see the morph dials, Barbarian, Beefy, Gymnast, and so forth.  Pull one of the dials and see the change in the figure.

If you don't see the change, then check the above steps as it is very likely one of them has been missed or was not done correctly.

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