Legacy products that are compatible with Victoria 3

The Victoria 3 model contains new Geometry and Joint Parameters that make it much better than past versions of Victoria. At the same time, these drastic improvements also create an incompatibility with Victoria 1/2 and the accessories for those models. In an effort to provide as much backwards compatibility as possible, DAZ includes the "Vicki 3 to Vicki 2" figure with the Victoria 3 Package. This is a character file which has body proportions and joint parameters equivalent to Victoria 2 while still maintaining the head of Victoria 3. The bonus from this figure is that clothing items for Victoria 2 will conform to it properly.

In addition, the "Vicki 3 to Vicki 2" figure has been UV Mapped with the same UV coordinates as Victoria 2. This means that the textures for Victoria 2 will also work, with the exception of the gums, teeth, and pubic hair groups, which are new to Victoria 3. The head morphs for Victoria 3 can be injected into the "Vicki 3 to Vicki 2" figure, giving it a range of facial morphing only available in Victoria 3, however, the body morphs cannot be injected into this figure. The ability to 'wear' the Victoria 2 clothing would be lost if this were the case.

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