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I downloaded the new version of Daz Studio but now my Daz Studio plugins aren't functioning correctly, how can I resolve this?

When we release new versions of Daz Studio we also release updates for our Daz Studio plugins so that they will be compatible with the newest version of Studio. Below are the steps that you will need to take in order to update your plugins.

1. Uninstall Daz Studio

2. Uninstall any of these plugins that you may have installed: Pantomime, Align Ace, and D-Form before you install Daz Studio These are the three plugins 3 now included in Daz Studio.

3. To find the place where you can uninstall these, go to START, All Programs, Daz Productions, Daz Studio, Installed Plugins.

4. Reinstall the new version of Daz Studio and any third party plug-ins.

5. Redownload and reinstall any other additional plugins that you have purchased for Daz Studio by Resetting Their Download Links ( ) from the "Itemized Order History" section of your account page.