Getting reflections in mirrors in iray

Originally from ticket #203085.

I know there is a topic already created for adding reflection to mirrors. I followed these instructions, and I still see only black in the mirror when I render an image. Either I'm not setting up the light objects properly, or there's something wrong in my render settings. Additional help on this would be appreciated.



Hi Michael,

If you are using Iray...
1. Apply the Nickel Shader to the mirror surface
2. Change Glossy Reflectivity to 1.0
3. Change Glossy Roughness to 0.01

This should reflect like a mirror.

If you are using 3Delight, let me know and I'll give you direction there.



I’m using Iray, but how do I apply the Nickel Shader?


Hi Michael,

You can find the Nickel Shader in the Content Library pane under My DAZ 3D Library -> Shader Presets -> Iray -> Daz Uber. Make sure the mirror is selected in the Scene and Surfaces pane.

Please let me know if you have further questions.



Okay, I got it.  The mirror is behaving as a mirror now!  Thank you for your help.  That should definitely be added to the help forum.


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