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Some items do not show up in the Smart Content pane

If you have just installed some products and they are not showing up in the Smart Content pane, here are some things to look at...

Is there metadata? You can find this out by looking in the Install Manager. Locate the installer for the product that is not showing up in Smart Content; under the Installed tab,  and look for a check mark to the right of the installer name, in the Metadata column. If there is not a check mark, there is no metadata associated with this product.


If there is no metadata, you will need to locate the product in the Content Library pane. To do this, you will need to access the product Read Me to find the location of the product files.
If you use the Install Manager, you can access the Read Me's there. You will see a small "i" icon just to the right of the product installer. Clicking this icon will open the Read Me in the browser.
You can also look up Read Me's in the doc center here:
The best way to use this is to get the SKU number from the product page, just to the right of the description, then click on the number range in this index and look up the product by name.
Older products (generation 3 and 4) may not have an updated Read Me yet. If it is not available in the doc center, you may find one in the installed files of the product in the Read Mes folder.

As an example, I will use Victoria 4.2 Base. The Read Me is located in the Doc Center here:
In the Read Me, you will see :

Victoria 4.2 Base (Core)

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
    • Figures: “DAZ People”
    • Pose: “DAZ's Victoria 4:General Poses”
    • Pose: “DAZ's Victoria 4:MATerials Sample-Res”
    • Pose: “DAZ's Victoria 4:Magnetize Clothing”
    • Pose: “DAZ's Victoria 4:Morph Injections”
    • Pose: “DAZ's Victoria 4:Morph Injections:Base”


So, in DAZ Studio, look in the Content Library pane under:
Poser Formats -> My DAZ3D Library -> Figures -> DAZ People 
Poser Formats -> My DAZ3D Library -> Pose -> DAZ's Victoria 4 -> General Poses


If there is a check mark (indicating there is metadata), you may need to re-import the metadata.
To do this, right click on the Content Library pane, choose Content DB Maintenance, tick Re-Import Metadata, click Accept. Tick User Data and All Products and click Accept.

One thing that will cause metadata to not import during install, is if the Daz Studio application is open when installing content. Please make sure Daz Studio is NOT running when installing content.


  • Avatar
    mike browm

    I'm using studio 4.8_ (64 bit) - and the following from above is not understandable at all!

    "If there is a check mark (indicating** there is metadata**), you may need to re-import the metadata. _

    _To do this, right click on the Content Library pane, choose Content DB Maintenance, tick Re-Import Metadata, click Accept. Tick User Data and All Products and click Accept."

    The first sentence seems contradictory - ad the last sentence makes no sense? WHERE in the Content pane do I it in the lists, or where the photo of the product is etc?

    And - I've tried it, but nowhere I right-click produces the !Content DB maintenance or re-import data! links AT ALL!!!??

    Please advise, as 12 of the 22 products in DIM didd not appear in the studio and it is unusable!!


    M Brown

  • Avatar
    Derek Wilson

    Right click on the "Content Library Tab"  this give you a menu  that is where you'll find the "Content DB Maintenance"  click on it you'll find the reimport metadata option

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    alan haley

    I did go to the content library. I didn't see Easy Sony Vegas/ Studio Video Editing nor Female Character Creation Tutorial. I wanted to start working on a story,  I hope by next to study the the new items. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  • Avatar
    Trevor Hancock

    I don't know how long it has been since alan haley entered the last comment, but these items are video tutorial products, which are not visible as such in DAZ Studio Content Library.

    You can get to the folders in Content Library under DAZ Studio Formats -> My DAZ 3D Library ->General -> Dreamlight, but the actual videos are not visible there because these are not items that can be used in DAZ Studio.

    Instead, you could look at the readme's for the products. To do this, search for the SKU number in DAZ 3D Documentation Center on the web - use HELP link above the DAZ Shop, followed by DOCUMENTATION CENTER (Wiki) option, then put the SKU number from the product (as in the DAZ Shop) into the search box at the top right and press Enter. Some products don't have readme's here, but Dreamlight's products should.

    Now on the readme, click the File List link (under Additional Details) - this will show you where the items are, in your computer's disk folder/file structure. So, starting from your My DAZ 3D Library folder (or whatever your main folder is called) on disk, follow exactly the same names as between the arrows in my list above (as shown in content library), and you will get to the Dreamlight folder - everything should be there! So in fact the Content Library is useful because it points you to where things are on disk. If you follow the same "tree" path on disk as is shown in Content Library for an item, I think you will find what you are looking for.

  • Avatar
    Shawn Fruge

    I order a product and it is not showing up in the Smart Content plane. The DIM suggests there is metadata, as the download has a check. I clicked the Content Library plane, but there is no "Content DB Maintenance" to reimport metadata.