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How to install the Install Manager and Daz Studio

The first thing you will want to do is install the Install Manager. This will simplify the entire process, including installing new content in the future. You can download that here:

NOTE: Mac Users, if you receive an error during download and install "identity of the developer can not be confirmed" You will need to go into your security settings and set your Mac to accept all applications.

Once you have installed Daz Install Manager, you will want to enter your account information (email and password). Once it has logged in, look under the Ready to Download tab.  Locate "Daz Studio 4.8", check the check box next to it, make sure "Install after Download" is checked at the bottom of the window and click Start Queue at the bottom left. This will install Daz Studio. Once installed, you will see it listed under the Installed tab.

After Daz Studio is installed, you will need to install your content (figures, clothing, etc). Locate and check the boxes next to Genesis Starter Essentials, Genesis 2 Female Starter Essentials,  Genesis 2 Male Starter Essentials, Genesis 3 Female Starter Essentials and Default Lights & Shaders. Click Start Queue.

Once these are all installed, open Daz Studio.  There should be a launch icon on your desktop.

For additional help learning to use Daz Studio, please see our Quick Start Guide here:


  • Avatar
    K4RzAN Animatrix

    Sadly install manager kinda sucks rn because it tells me that my login info is wrong... and/or that my account does not exist.. HOW DO I FIX THAT? i run Win10, 64 bit, Radeon, Nvidia video card.

  • Avatar
    Erin Moore

    Same here. tried it both Mac and PC. I know my email and password are correct because I'm able to access my account.

  • Avatar
    Michael Markham

    I made a purchase from the store but cannot access my install manager.

  • Avatar
    Alexis Maki

    It won't let me download anything. What should I do to fix this problem?

  • Avatar
    Freddy Oropeza

    Same here, download manager says the login or password are incorrect, even though they are not, so I can't download or install anything. Can't give you guys money if I can't install the software :)

  • Avatar
    Doug Schade

    The installation manager just hangs. I have no content. It worked great at home on my Mac, at work on the network, nothing!

  • Avatar
    mark myers

    Same problem, I can log into the DIM and see my download quench's but it won't accept my password or allow me to change my PW.

  • Avatar
    Davide Lodde

    I could not load, Daz Install Manager, I created a new password in Daz Studio, in Daz Install Manager I entered the same password, So I have access to my products.

  • Avatar
    Susanna Ronchi

    Install Menager is not working now in Mac