How to Make a Screen Shot of the Content Path in DAZ Install Manager

Sometimes DAZ Tech support needs to see the content path for DAZ Install Manager.  It's easy just to make a screen shot. You can then send this screen shot to DAZ Tech support in your reply.  You can also save the screen shot for your own reference. 

This article explains how to find and display the information in DAZ Install Manager and then make a screen shot.  First find the path.  Click the configuration settings button in the top right of DAZ Install Manager.  It looks like a gear.  Now go to Installation.  Here you will see the path to which DAZ Install Manager is set to install content.  You can change the path here or leave it as it is.

Here is an example of what it looks like in Windows.  On the Mac, it is very similar, except the path is slightly different.



Once you have the directories displayed, you should make a screen shot.  If you already know how to do this, then it's simply a matter of making the screen shot and then attaching to your reply to DAZ Studio Tech Support.  

You can make a screen shot easily in MacOSX by pressing SHIFT+CMD+3 on the keyboard.  The screen shot of whatever is displaying on the monitor at the time will be created as a .png file and placed on your Mac desktop.

In Windows, press CTRL+ALT+PrtScn on the keyboard.  This makes a screen shot and places it into memory.  Open a picture editing application like MSPaint (Microsoft Paint), Photoshop, or PaintShop.  In the application, open a new document.  Press CTRL+V (Paste) on the keyboard.  This places the picture saved in the memory into the picture document.  Save the picture as a document on your hard drive.  

Once you have the screen shot created, attach it to your reply to DAZ 3D Tech Support.  Thank you!



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