How to Use the Smart Content Pane

This article explains how to find content in the Smart Content Pane.  A content product that has been indexed with metadata can be available in the Smart Content Pane.  Older products may not be indexed with metadata and so may not appear in the Smart Content Pane.  Products for Genesis and most new products will appear in the Smart Content Pane.  This assumes that the product has been installed to a mapped directory and that DAZ Studio 4.x has been allowed to scan the new content and bring it into the Smart Content Pane.

The Smart Content Pane enables context-based and product-based searches and discovery of product components.  This is easier than finding content in the 'Content Library Pane.'

Please keep in mind that content products like morphs for Genesis are found in the 'Shaping Pane'.  Morphs for third and fourth generation figures can be injected with icons in the 'Content Library Pane,' and then must be used in the 'Parameters Pane.'

Go to the Smart Content Pane. It is often on the left side in Studio.  If you do not see it, go to WINDOW --> Panes --> Smart Content.  If you are looking for an add-on for Genesis or a for an outfit or hair, then you should have that model loaded and selected.  This is because the Smart Content Pane can work by 'context.'  For example, if you bought a clothing add-on for Genesis, you should have Genesis selected.  If the clothing add-on is merely textures, you should have the base clothing models loaded.  You can see what you have selected in the viewport by looking in the Scene Pane.

On the top of the Smart Content Pane, you can see 'Files' and 'Products.'  The 'Files' option is context-based. The Smart Content Pane shows you products that are for whatever model you have selected.  So, if you have 'Genesis' selected, the Smart Content Pane will show add-ons for Genesis.  Keep in mind it only shows products that can be directly used on Genesis in 'Files.'  A texture for a clothing product that can be used on Genesis may not be displayed as that is for the clothing product.  In this case, you need to load the clothing product onto Genesis and have the clothing product selected when you search in the 'Smart Content Pane.'

At the top of the Smart Content is a search window.  You can type in a key word for the content product you are looking for and Studio will display all icons with that name.  Keep in mind that with 'Files' selected, only content products for the model you have selected will appear.

You can also search by content product.  This type of product-based search is not context based and can show you everything available in the 'Smart Content Pane.'  To do this, click 'Products' at the top of the Pane.  In the search window, type a key word for the product.  You can find several icons, including a single icon, that when clicked will show all icons (product components) for the given product.  That can make it much easier to find the product than having to change through several folders.

The readme for the product will also give you the locations of the content in the Smart Content Pane, if the given product is set up to display in the Smart Content Pane.  The readme will also give the locations for the product in the 'Content Library Pane.'


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