How to download and install DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro for New Users

This article shows the steps needed for a new user to download and install DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro.  Once these are done, it becomes a lot easier to download, install, and use software in the future. It assumes that you need to create a new user account at the website.  The whole procedure is fairly easy and is explained throughout, so this article will be unnecessary for most users.


This article shows you how to:

1) Create a New User Account at the website.  If you use the link shown below this will also automatically put through an order for DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro into your account.

2) Download and Install 'DAZ Install Manager'

3) Use Install Manager to install 'DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro' and some free associated content.


As mentioned, these steps help establish you.  Once you have DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro and Install Manager installed, you will be able to install content easily in the future and you won't normally have to install them again each time you want to use them.


Create A New User Account



After you click 'register to start,' please check your e-mail for a message from DAZ 3D.  Read this message and click the link in it to confirm your new account. This will confirm your account and give you the download link for Install Manager.




You should have been given the installer for Install Manager in your browser.  It's best to save the file first and then run it, although for many users, you can run it right away.

The installer for Install Manager is this file:




Then you'll need to install DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro and the following associated content with Install Manager:

Default Lights and Shaders

Genesis Starter Essentials

Genesis 2 Female Essentials

Genesis 2 Male Essentials



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