How to Find Content in the Content Library Pane in DAZ Studio 4.6

Studio 4.6 makes content available in either the Content Library Pane or in the Smart Content Pane.  This articles discusses how to find content in the 'Content Library' Pane in DAZ Studio 4.6.  There are links for YouTube videos about this at the end of this article.

The 'Content Library' Pane (WINDOW --> Panes --> Content Library) shows content in several ways.  You can find it based on the way it is organized on the hard drive.  You can see options for 'DAZ Studio Formats' and 'Poser Formats.'  To find content in these folders, you should use the readme for the particular content folder.   This article has more details for using the readme: 

How to use the Readme to find content in DAZ Studio 4.6 

The Content Library Pane also lets you find content in other ways.  In the Content Library Pane, you can search by alphabetical order.  After the folders for 'DAZ Studio Formats' and 'Poser Formats,' you should see a folder called 'Products.'  Every content product installed to a mapped folder for Studio will show up in one of those subfolders.  For example, if you installed the product called Aikanaro, you can go to the 'Products' folder and then to 'A' and find 'Aikanaro.'  Highlight 'Aikanaro' and you will see icons for this product in the lower half of the Content Library Pane.

You can right-click (CTRL Click on the Mac) on one of the icons found and you will get a context menu. In the context menu, go to 'Show In.'  You will have options for ‘Smart Content > Files,’ ‘Smart Content > Products’ and possibly ‘Mapped Folder.’  You can click on any of these to have Studio display the content in that location.

You can also do a text search using the search window at the top of the 'Content Library' Pane.  The search results will be displaced the bottom half of the pane. You can use the right-click options as explained above in 'Alphabetical Products Folder' to display the folder where the icons are.



How to Find Content in the Smart Content Pane


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