Duplicate IDs and Duplicate Formula Messages

Sometimes in Studio 4.5 when loading content, you will see either a Duplicate ID message or a Duplicate Formula message.  This article gives a brief explanation of the causes of these messages.  In most instances, there is not any serious issue.  DAZ Studio gives these messages to inform content creators that there is possible issue with the way the product was set up.


Each components for a model (surfaces, nodes, geometry, UV maps) has an ID.  In DAZ Studio 4.0.x, these IDs were written out incorrectly.   This would result in some IDs duplicating other IDs.  This does not cause any problem with the product in Studio, but can be an issue for the content product in other applications like Poser and Carrara which may be relying upon correct information.  DAZ Studio notifies the user with the message 'Duplicate ID' that this issue is taking place.

Although mildly annoying, there should not be any issue with using the product in DAZ Studio 4.x.  Most products are updated to eliminate the duplicate IDs. Downloading and installing the updated version of the given content product should eliminate this notice from DAZ Studio.



This is a different kind of message and applies to the Genesis figure.  When DAZ Studio loads the Genesis figure, it searches every mapped directory for morph add-ons for Genesis.  If the same morph add-on for Genesis (for example, Genesis Evolution Head Morphs) has been installed to two or more mapped directories, DAZ Studio will find duplicate formulas for these morphs.  It will give the message 'Duplicate Formula' to notify you that there are duplicate morph formulas for Genesis.  This can also happen if the morphs have been setup in such a way that the morphs are read twice by DAZ Studio. This latter cause is due to how the published artist create the morph.  Out of the two possible reasons, the first one of the user installing the same morph add-on to two or more mapped directories is the by far the more common cause.

As with the Duplicate ID message, the Duplicate Formula message does not indicate any real problem with the use of the product.


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