Using the Content DB Maintenance Dialogue

You can use the 'Content DB Maintenance' dialogue to resolve issues with the Smart Content Pane.  You may want to check first to ensure that the Smart Content Pane is working correctly. This article shows how to use some of the functions in the 'Content DB Maintenance' dialogue.

You can get to the 'Content DB Maintenance' dialogue two different ways.  The fastest way is to find the Content Library Pane (Window --> Panes --> Content Library).  Right-click on the text 'Content Library' and you'll see a menu.  Left-click on 'Content DB Maintenance.'  You can also find the 'Content DB Maintenance' dialogue by going to the 'Active Pane' Options menu for the 'Content Library' Pane by clicking the 'Active Pane Options' button at the top right or top left of the 'Content Library' Pane.

Please Note: It is not recommended that you have the same content installed to two or more mapped directories in DAZ Studio, especially if the content has metadata (Metadata enables content to show up in the Smart Content Pane).  For this reason, you should not have the Genesis Starter Essentials installed to two or more mapped directories.  Just have the same content installed to the same directory.  This doesn't mean you can't have more than one mapped directory.  It just means that you shouldn't have the same product installed to two or more mapped directories. 


The Content DB Maintenance Dialogue



Process Metadata Queue
This tells DAZ Studio immediately to process the all the metadata that hasn't been processed yet.  Sometimes this is enough to get content to show up in the Smart Content Pane. 

Re-Import Metadata...
This option tells DAZ Studio to re-read all the metadata for installed content.  It does not re-read custom information for content.  That should be backed up using the Export User Data.  
After you choose 'Re-Import Metadata' and press 'Accept,' you will see a new window that shows all the content with metadata that DAZ Studio detects.  Leave these checked and click 'Accept' again.  You will now see a progress bar move as DAZ Studio re-imports the content.  

Sample Screen Shot of Product Content Data about to be re-imported. Your items will probably be different from this.


Export User Data
If you have made your own metadata for content so that it will show up in the Smart Content Pane, you can back it up.  Check the box for 'Export User Data' and press 'Accept.'  This will save a file on your hard drive with these settings.  This is good if you need to change to a different computer setup or if you need to reset and re-import your database.  The information will be written here: ...My Library\runtime\Support\UserData_1.dsx

Reset Database
This option removes all information from the database.  If you do this, you will not longer see any content in the Smart Content Pane.  This can be useful if you need to eliminate a bad link and restore the database.  Please note that this will eliminate custom information in the Smart Content Pane.  After you re-set database, you should re-import metadata as shown above.  If you re-import the database, your custom information will not be re-imported.  To preserve custom data, use the 'Export User Data' option. 

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