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How to Use Install Manager to Install DAZ Studio 4.6+

Using DIM to install DS4.6+

Install Manager is a great tool for downloading and installing DAZ Studio 4.6+ and plugins. This article helps you understand what you should know and do in order for installation to be as smooth as possible. At the time of the updating of this article, the version of Studio is and the build of Install Manager is You can expect these builds to be replaced as ongoing updates are released to improve and expand the software.

There are two ways you can install DAZ Studio 4.6+ Pro, the older Bitrock method and by means of Install Manager. This article explains how to use Install Manager. Bitrock simply means the name of the software that DAZ 3D uses to make self-running installers. If you’ve downloaded and run a file from the DAZ 3D website, then you’re probably already familiar with the Bitrock installers for applications and content.


Advantages of Using Install Manager

Install Manager enables you to download and install application software like DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro and plugins for DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro quickly and easily over the internet. The legacy method (Bitrock Installer) required the user to download and run an application for each updated version of Studio. Then the user had to run it and click on several buttons to proceed through the installation. The Install Manager method is faster and less prone to human error. This article will guide you through the basic steps of the operation.


Before you Start

Make sure your computer meets the system requirements for DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro. Make sure you have an order for DAZ Studio 4.x Pro put through in our store. This will ensure that you have the application available in your order history and a valid serial number. You’ll need both of these in order to install Studio. Finally, make sure you have downloaded and installed Install Manager (sometimes called DIM). You will need to agree to the EULA before you can install software with Install Manager.

System Requirements for DAZ Studio 4.6+ Pro
Your computer should meet or exceed these requirements

Product Page for DAZ Studio 4 Pro
Existing DAZ 3D account holders can put through an order for DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro here.

Page for Install Manager
The link on the page gives you the installer for Install Manager.

You should be logged into your DAZ 3D account to agree to it.


Existing Studio Users (Bitrock-Installed DAZ Studio)

Existing Studio users who have installed Studio by means of the Bitrock Installer, but are changing to Install Manager should first uninstall DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro. If your computer doesn’t have DAZ Studio 4.x installed on it, skip to the next section called ‘Install Manager’ below.

Install Manager doesn’t support uninstalling a Bitrock installation of DAZ Studio, so you’ll need to use Bitrock’s uninstaller.
You should be able to find the uninstaller in the following path, if you used the default path to install Studio 4.x:

\Applications\DAZ 3D\DAZStudio4\Uninstallers

C:\Program Files\DAZ 3D\DAZStudio4\Uninstallers

Windows Users should also be able to find the uninstall option in the Control Panel in the appropriate place for adding and removing programs.

Find the uninstaller application for Studio 4.x and double-click it to launch it. It should ask you if you want to uninstall DAZ Studio 4.x. Agree and continue. Mac Users and some Windows users may need to input their password for the user account for their operating system.

You may have either or both of the bit versions installed. Mac users may have DAZStudio4 or DAZStudio4 64-bit installed and Windows users may have the 32-bit version of DAZ Studio 4 installed in ‘Program Files (x86).’ Remove using the appropriate uninstaller.
As mentioned above, Install Manager will not remove a Bitrock-Installed version of Studio, Make sure you’ve properly uninstalled a Bitrock-installed version before using Install Manager to install DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro. Once this is done, you can proceed to the installation below.


Install Manager

Here are the steps for using Install Manager to install DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro. Don't install any plugins until you've first installed DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro. More about plugins will be given later in this article. Keep in mind that plugins are different from regular content.

1) Launch Install Manager and log into your DAZ 3D user account. If you have multiple user accounts on the DAZ 3D website, use the account in which you ordered DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro.

2) In the search window in the top right, type ‘DAZ Studio 4.6’ without the quotes. This should bring up the installation options appropriate for your platform (Mac or Windows OS) in the ‘Ready to Download’ Tab. If you are using a 64-bit platform, then you should see options for both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro. Users in 64-bit platforms can choose to have the 32-bit version of Studio installed along with the 64-bit version. For most users, there is no added benefit with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions installed.

3) Check the box for Studio 4.6 and then click the green ‘Start Queue’ button in the bottom left of Install Manager. You should see a progress bar show the downloading of software for Studio. When the download progress completes at 100%, you should see the installation bar under ‘Ready to Install’ begin and progress to completion at 100%.

During this phase, your OS may ask you for your Mac or Windows user account password. If you are asked, you must provide the correct password. This is not a requirement from Install Manager, but a security requirement from your computer’s operating system.
Once this is done, you should see ‘DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro’ appear in the ‘Installed’ Tab. Install Manager is telling you that the software is installed. Congratulations! DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro is installed.
At this point, you could launch Studio and run it, but you may want to install or update any plugins you have purchased for DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro first.
If you do not have any plugins to install or update, jump down to 'Launching DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro for the First Time' below.

4) When you quit Install Manager, the appropriate application path for DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro will be automatically added to its configuration. This is important for installing separately purchased plugins.


After you install Studio, install the bundled content, if you haven't already.  You can search for and install these components with Install Manager:

Genesis Starter Essentials
Genesis 2 Female Starter Essentials
Genesis 2 Male Starter Essentials
Default Lights and Shaders for DAZ Studio
Subsurface Shader Base



You can use Install Manager to install Plugins. It is important to keep in mind that DAZ Studio 4.6+ Pro should be installed first before you attempt to install Plugins.
It is strongly advised that the DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro application *not* being running when you install plugins by any method.

Users with existing Plugin Installations

As with the DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro application, you should uninstall any Bitrock-installed plugins first. You can find the uninstallers for plugins in the ‘uninstallers’ folder or in the Windows Control Panel. Please see the section above, ‘Existing Studio Users,’ for details.
Examples of separately installed plugins include DAZ 3D Bridge, Decimator, aniMate2, and FaceShop.
After you’ve used the Bitrock uninstallers to remove separately installed plugins for DAZ 3D, you can now install the plugins using Install Manager.

Using Install Manager to Install Plugins

1) Installing plugins with Install Manager is nearly identical to installing Studio 4.6 Pro. First, exit or quit DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro so it is not running.

2) If you still have the session of Install Manager open in which you just installed DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro, you should exit Install Manager and then re-launch it. This is important as it ensures that Install Manager will have the right application path for plugins. If you don’t do this, you’ll have to indicate the path yourself. Since quitting and re-launching Install Manager is easier, this is the recommended choice.

3) Launch Install Manager and log into your DAZ 3D account with it.

5) Type the name of the plugin or part of the name in the upper right search window in Install Manager. You can also search by using ‘sku::number’ where number is the product number of the specific plugin. For example, the product number for the Decimator plugin ( is sku::10673. This method brings up the specific product.

5) You should see the plugin appear in ‘Ready to Download.’ If it doesn’t appear, check the spelling of your search parameter. If you just purchased the plugin, check the order status.

6) You may see two bit options for a specific plugin. For example, you may see an option for the 32-bit plugin for Decimator and the 64-bit plugin for Decimator. Only check the options that are applicable to your installed version of Studio. In other words, if you have only the 64-bit version of Studio installed, only check the 64-bit version of the plugin.

7) Press ‘Start Queue’ to begin the download and installation process for the plugin. You may be asked for your Windows or Mac user account password during the installation phase.

8) If you get a message about path not found for the plugin, it means the application path is not indicated in Install Manager. This shouldn’t happen if you’ve installed Studio, exited Install Manager, and re-launched it as explained earlier.


Launching Studio 4.6 Pro for the First Time

If you are using Studio 4.x Pro for the first time on your given computer, you will need to activate it by inputting the serial number. You can find your serial number for DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro in your DAZ 3D account in ‘My Account’ → My Serial Numbers.’ You will need to log into your DAZ 3D user account first in order to access this.

You can check your registration (activation) of Studio within the Studio application by going to Help → Register DAZ Studio. If you’ve already activated Studio 4.6 with the Pro serial number given in your account, this is not necessary.


Activating Plugins

You can activate plugins by going to HELP → About Installed Plugins. Find the entry for the plugin and input the relevant serial number. Serial numbers for separately purchased plugins should be in the same place with your DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro serial number.

If the status of the plugin in ‘About Installed Plugins’ is ‘green,’ then it is activated and does not require you to input a serial number.



Now you should have DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro installed by means of Install Manager. You will be able to use Install Manager to install updated versions of the software quickly and easily in the future.