How to fix a DAZ Studio Scene File (.duf) with legacy figures

There is a known issue that affects Studio versions before build  If you have created a scene file (.duf format) in a build of Studio earlier than with legacy figures, the scene file may have this issue.   Any scene newly made in version or higher will not have this issue. Merely re-saving an affected scene file in the updated version will not fix this issue.  You must run the provided script on the scene. 

You'll get an error message when you attempt to open an affected scene in DAZ Studio and the figures will lose all morphs. This includes figures like Victoria 4.2, Michael 4, Victoria 3, and Michael 3 which are all pre-Genesis and thus 'legacy' figures.

To fix this issue, you can use a specially prepared script attached to this article.  This script will take the .duf scene file and create a new version of the file in the same folder with the name "filename_fix.duf," so if you scene is called "PrettyPicture" and you use the script on it, you will now have another scene file in the same folder called "PrettyPicture_fix.duf"

To use the script, place it into your DAZ Studio Content folder so that you can use it within Studio.  It will not run by itself outside of Studio.  For example, if your content folder is here:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\My DAZ 3D Library

Users\Public\Documents\My DAZ 3D Library

Then place it inside of the 'My DAZ 3D Library' folder.  You can place into a subfolder as long as it is not 'runtime' and not 'data.'  If you put it inside of either of those, it won't appear in Studio.

In Studio, go to the Content Library Pane --> DAZ Studio Formats --> My DAZ Studio Library (or appropriate for your configuration).  Find the file called "Fix Multiple Legacy Figure Scene" and double-click to run the script.  Then do as directed by the script and browse to the appropriate .duf file.  Use the newly saved file rather than the original, affected file.


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