Using 4th Generation Content on Genesis in DAZ Studio 4

There's a wealth of great products for fourth generations figures like Victoria 4.2, Michael 4, Kids4, Aiko 4, and all the rest.  Some of these products can be used with Genesis in DAZ Studio 4.  This articles shows what kinds of content can be used on Genesis and the tools used.

These are the easiest to use on Genesis.  By default, any texture that works on Victoria 4.2 (including Aiko 4, Stephanie 4, Girl 4, and She-Freak 4) works on Genesis.  Simply apply the texture.  Any texture for Michael 4 (including Freak 4, Hiro 4, and Vladimir for M4) can also be used on Genesis.  Textures for Kids4 can also be applied to Genesis.

When applying a fourth Generation texture to Genesis that is not V4-compatible, it's necessary to change the UV Map set afterwards.  This is a very easy setting to change in the Surface (Color) Tab.  Select the figure, then go to the Surface (Color) Tab (WINDOW --> Tabs --> Surface).  Select the Genesis figure again on the left side of the Surface Tab.  This highlights (and thus selects) all the surfaces for the Genesis figure. On the right side, scroll down the list of properties.  Find the UV Set property.  Click the drop-down and choose Michael 4 or Kids4, as appropriate for the original texture.  The UV Map on Genesis changes and the seams disappear.

CONFORMING CLOTHING (includes armor and some hair figures, .cr2)
The Auto-Fit plugin, provided as part of DAZ Studio 4 Pro, can convert conforming clothing for fourth generation figures so that it works on Genesis.  This article does not give in-depth instructions on the Auto-Fit plugin.  The basic function works this way.  Genesis must be loaded and selected in the scene.  In the Content Library, double-click the clothing figure (.cr2) or hair figure (.cr2) that you would like to use.  The Auto-Fit options menu will appear and you can selection the options most appropriate for the content you wish to use on Genesis.

The main draw-back of the Auto-Fit plugin is that adjustment morphs built-into the clothing or armor are lost in the process of conversion.

The Poke-Away plugin is very useful for eliminating minor poke-through.

Hair can be converted for use on Genesis in two ways.  You can use the Auto-Fit plugin described above.  You can use the tried-and-true method of simply loading the hair, tweaking it for size and position in the Parameters Tab, and then making the hair a child object of the head in the Scene Tab.  The advantage of this method is that you don't need Auto-Fit and, perhaps more importantly, any adjustment morphs in the hair are kept for use.  Also, this last method can be used for hair from first and second generation.  The reason this method works is because the basic shape of the human head is roughly the same from figure to figure.

MORPHS (4th Generation to Genesis)
Dimension3D has created the Genesis Generation X plugin that converts fourth generation morphs to work on the Genesis figure.  It is necessary to own and have installed the desired fourth generation morphs in order for this plugin to work.  All tech support for this brokered plugin is handled by Dimension3D.

There is not a utility at the time this article was written that will convert a pose for a 4th generation figure to work on Genesis.  It's possible to apply the pose and then with effort tweak the figure to make it perfect.

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