Opening a DAZ Studio Scene in a Different Installation of DAZ Studio

Eventually, a user will have the need or the desire to open a scene created in one installation of DAZ Studio in another installation of DAZ Studio.  For example, a user may have made a scene on her mobile computer and now wishes to open the scene on her desktop computer.  Another user may have had to reformat his hard drive and wishes to open his old scene in his new installation of Windows.  He backed up his scene and content, so this is a possibility for him.

Although it is quite possible to open a saved scene in a different installation of DAZ Studio, DAZ 3D does not guarantee that you'll be able to open a saved scene in a new installation of DAZ Studio.  Unfortunately, there are too many possible reasons that can prevent this from happening.  For these reasons, also, it is an open-ended challenge and may require prolonged effort on the part of the user. This article will provide information to help those who wish to attempt this.

When you save a scene (.daz) in DAZ Studio, two factors come into play.  The scene file references the content that is part of the scene.  If you have a figure (.cr2), a genesis figure (.dsf), or other files (Poser format or DAZ Studio format) that were used in the scene, the scene file points to the location on the hard drive where these components can be found.

Also, DAZ Studio creates additional support files for the content in the scene and saves these support files in the content folder ('My Library').  These files are of the type .dso (geometry), .dsd, and .dsv (uv map).  These files are kept inside of a subfolder inside of the data folder.  The data folder rests immediately inside of the 'My Library' folder (or content folder in DAZ Studio 3).  These files are sometimes provided by the installation of content into DAZ Studio.  These files are essential for DAZ Studio to open the given scene file.

Where Data files are located

...My Library\data\4_0
...My Library\data\4_0_2 

Where Data files are located (earlier versions of DAZ Studio):


You may have some or all of the above files, depending upon your circumstances.  In order for a scene to be opened in a different installation of DAZ Studio, there must be:
a) The same content must be installed as was used in the original scene

b) The content must be mapped in Content Directories in preferences

c) The created support files must be present in the data folders.

If you have the entire 'content' folder available and correctly mapped, then these data folders which are part of it will also be present.

What if I no longer have the data files (.dso, .dsd, .dsv)?
You can actually re-create these files by loading content into a new scene and saving the scene file.  This will cause DAZ Studio to generate again the relevant support files in the correct folder.  This is not as bad as trying to re-make the original scene, because it is not necessary to re-pose or re-arrange the content.  Once you've recreated these files, try to open the original scene file again.


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