How to install and use 3D Bridge in DAZ Studio 4 Pro

These instructions explain how to install and use 3D Bridge in DAZ Studio 4 Pro which was offered free at the time this article was made.  This article refers to the regular installers.  Since this article was first written it has become possible to install the 3D Bridge plugin by means of DAZ Install Manager (DIM).  The portion of the article below beginning with "Confirm Plugin Option in CS" applies no matter how the plugin was installed.

Known Issues
There some known issues with the 3D Bridge plugin. We are aware of these and intend to look at them in the future.  First of all, it does not work in Creative Cloud at this time, but does have some functionality in CS 6 and earlier.  Please see the remainder of this article for the work-around.  


First make sure that you are running DAZ Studio (or the latest release).  To check the version, Go to (PC) HELP --> About DAZ Studio (MAC) DAZStudio --> About DAZ Studio.  If you are using an earlier build, you can get the newest installer by resetting your existing order for DAZ Studio 4 Pro.

Make sure that you have activated DAZ Studio 4 as the Pro Edition. To do this, go to HELP --> Register DAZ Studio.

Make sure that you are using the latest version of the plugin installer.  To check the version of the plugin, go to HELP --> About Installed Plugins.  Browse through the list to 'DAZ Studio Pro Plug-in Bundle.'  Click the triangle to expand.  Then browse down to '3D Bridge.'  Highlight '3D Bridge.' Look in the lower half of the pane to see the version.  The version should be or higher.  If it is lower than this version, you need to download and install the latest installer for the 3D Bridge plugin.  

Make sure you use the plugin installer designed for use with DAZ Studio 4 (32-bit or 64-bit). If you use the plugin installer for use with DAZ Studio 3 or earlier, it will not work.  If the installer file begins with 'DS3' or 'DS2,' it is not appropriate for use with DAZ Studio 4. This is only an issue if you got the 3D Bridge plugin by itself.  The installer for 3D Bridge provided with the DAZ Studio 4 Pro product is correct for DAZ Studio 4.  Make sure it matches the bit version of DAZ Studio 4 that you are using.  For example, with DAZ Studio, 64-bit, Windows, you should run this installer: DS4_3DBridge_1.3.0.18_Win64.exe.

The 3D Bridge plugin installs files for both DAZ 3D and CS (Photoshop).  The installer will already be able to figure out the correct path for the plugin files for use in DAZ Studio.  However, during the installation, you will be asked the installation path for the file for Photoshop (CS).  You should browse to and select the correct folder called 'plugins.'

3D Bridge for DAZ Studio 4 requires CS4 or CS5.  It will also work with CS6, but some functions may not work in CS6.

Make sure that you can see the option to use the plugin in CS.  To do this, go to FILE --> Automate --> DAZ Studio 3D Bridge.  If you see the option, then you probably have the plugin installed correctly.  If you don't see it, check your install path for the plugin file.

In DAZ Studio 4, go to FILE --> Initialize Photoshop 3D Bridge.  You will see that this changes the active camera to the 3D Bridge Camera.  

In CS (Photoshop), go to  FILE --> Automate --> DAZ Studio 3D Bridge.  You'll see the 3D Bridge options menu open.  For most uses, just click 'Preview Image.'  There's a known issue with the current version of the plugin (  In CS (Photoshop), you should use 'Render to New Layer' as the work-around.

That should get you started with 3D Bridge!


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