Why isn't the Smart Content Pane Working?

Normally, the Smart Content works fine in DAZ Studio 4.  This article is to help users who have reason to believe that the Smart Content Pane is not working correctly in their installation.  If the service is not working, it may be necessary to uninstall DAZ Studio 4 and the DAZ Content Management Service, then to re-install DAZ Studio 4.x (which automatically re-installs the DAZ Content Management Service).  There is additional support further on in this article for Mac Users to help with starting and stopping the DAZ Content Management Service.

The Smart Content Pane in DAZ Studio 4 relies upon the CMS (Content Management Service).  If the Content Management Service is not working correctly, then you will not have the use of the Smart Content Pane.  You may be able to see and open the Pane, but you won't be able to see thumbnails in the Pane.

Verify whether or not you can see thumbnails in the Smart Content Pane.  To do this correctly, do the following.  Select the Genesis figure.  The Figure should be highlighted in orange in the Scene Pane.  This means that it is selected.  Now go to the Smart Content Pane.  Click on 'Files' and then 'All.'  They will be shaded in orange if you've done this.  Now look on the right side of the Smart Content Pane.  If you see thumbnails for content options, then the Smart Content Pane and the CMS (Content Management Service) are working correctly.  If you see no such thumbnails, then the CMS is not working correctly.


Keep in mind that not all content will show up in the Smart Content Pane.  In general, content created before summer of 2011 will not show up in the Smart Content Pane.  This is because content requires metadata (indexing) to appear in the Smart Content Pane.  Older content items were made before the creation of the Smart Content Pane and so they will not show up in the Smart Content Pane, unless the particular product was recreated with metadata.

If you do not see any content at all in the Smart Content Pane under the circumstances given above, then you will need to uninstall DAZ Studio 4 and reinstall, using a special procedure.

Additional Support for Mac OS Users

The Smart Content Pane depends upon a separately running service called the DAZ Content Management Service. If this service is not running, then the Smart Content Pane will not work correctly.  It is possible to use some utilities to start or stop the DAZ Content Management Service.

You can check the status of the service in your Mac's Activity Monitor. The Activity Monitor should be here:

MacHD:Applications:Utlities:Activity Monitor

Make sure to show all users services.

Now, if you see that the DCMS (DAZ Content Management Service) is not running, you should launch it. There's a correct way to start and stop this service on the Mac.

Browse to this folder:

MacHD:Library:DAZ 3D:Content Management Service:Utilities

In the above folder, you will find two options:

Start DAZ Content Management Service
Stop DAZ Content Management Service

If the Service is not running, use the 'Start' option above. You can use the Activity Monitor to verify that it has started and is running. If you verify that the DAZ Content Management Service is running, you should launch DAZ Studio 4.x. If Studio was running while you did this, quit and re-launch DAZ Studio.

Now check the Smart Content Pane in Studio 4 to verify that it is working.


If you are working with the latest DAZ Studio, version 4.5.x, you should also make sure to run the Genesis Starter Essentials installer which is provided with the downloads for DAZ Studio 4.5.

You can also see many content products that have been updated in this article:


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