Converting Generation 4 Content for use with Genesis 1 and 2

It's possible to continue to enjoy Generation 4 add-ons with Genesis.  Some products can be brought over quite easily and others with the use of some snazzy plugins.  Auto-Fit supports adapting clothing originally for Genesis to work on Genesis 2 (Genesis 2 Female, Victoria 6).


Skin Textures
These work out-of-the-box.  You can apply a V4 texture to Genesis.  By default, the UV Set is the same.  Textures for Michael 4 (Freak 4, Hiro 4, etc.) can be used almost as easily.  Apply the Michael 4 texture to the Genesis figure.  Then go to the Surface (Colors) Tab and select the figure.  In the properties portion, find 'UV Set.'  Change this drop-down to Michael 4.  Voila! The texture is now properly mapped on the Genesis figure for Michael 4.

Clothing, Armor, Hair
The Autofit feature in DAZ Studio 4.6 PRo enables V4's clothes to fit Genesis.  Adjustment morphs will be preserved in Studio 4.6+. The Poke-Away plugin is very helpful too: for cleaning up poke-through.  

The Gen 3 Iconic Shapes for Genesis product ( adds additional support to Auto-Fit for 3rd generation figures. 

In order to use V4 morphs on Genesis, you must purchase and install the Genesis Generation X plugin here:   This brokered plugin enables you to use your Victoria 4 and Michael 4 morphs on Genesis.

There is not support in DAZ Studio 4.x to convert generation 4 poses for use with Genesis.  It's necessary to apply the 4th generation pose to Genesis and then manually adjust the pose to resolve issues.



Genesis 2 Female is the base figure for Victoria 6. Genesis 2 Male is the base figure for Michael 6.

Skin Textures

Genesis 2 Female can use textures made for Victoria 5 and for Victoria 4.  It's necessary to change the UV Set in the Surfaces Pane in Studio.  

  1. Load Genesis 2 Female (or Victoria 6)
  2. Apply the Victoria 4 Texture or the Victoria 5 texture.
  3. Go to the Surfaces (Color) Pane.  
  4. In the Surfaces Pane, Select the Genesis 2 Female (or Victoria 6) figure.  This should select all of the surfaces for the figure.
  5. In the right half of the Surface Pane, you can see the various properties for the surfaces.
  6. Look for the property called 'UV Set.'  It's usually at the top.  
  7. Click the drop-down for 'UV Set' and change it to 'Victoria 4.'  Now the V4.2 texture on your Genesis 2 Female (or V6) figure should look correct.

You may also need to deal with different surface names.  This is very time-consuming.  This product does it automatically:


Clothing, Armor, Hair

Genesis 2 Female can also use products for Genesis (1) and fourth generation figures through the use of Auto-Fit.  Clothing for V4 will work better with Genesis 2 Female than clothing for M4.  You should also have Victoria 4 for Genesis 2 morph purchased and installed.



Morphs for previous figures will not automatically work on Genesis 2.  There is a V4.2 morph for Genesis 2 Female (and thus for Victoria 6) that makes the figure look like the default Victoria 4.2 figure.



Poses for Genesis can be applied to Genesis 2 and they will generally look good.  There may be need of adjustment if the two figure morphs are very different.  Poses for fourth generation can be applied, but there they will not apply well as the two figures are rigged significantly differently.


Read the Description of this product carefully to see what it supports and what is required.
Victoria 4 for Genesis 2 Female


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