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How to fix the Duplicate Formula message

If you are getting the 'Duplicate Formula' message in DAZ Studio 4, you should take the following steps to eliminate it.  Essentially, you need to update installed content add-ons for Genesis.  Morph add-ons for Genesis include Evolution Body Morphs and many others, some of which are listed below.

This article was made before the release of Install Manager.  Install Manager can let you know if there's an update for content for Genesis. If you are using Install Manager, make sure to use it to update all your Genesis add-ons, particularly morph add-ons.

Update Certain Genesis Add-ons 
Uninstall and re-install the updated versions of the following software listed below.  If you never had a certain product installed, then just disregard it. 


12992 Genesis Evolution: Head (12992_GenesisEvolutionHeadMorphs_1.5_trx)
12993 Genesis Evolution: Expressions (12993_GenesisEvolutionExpressions_1.4_trx)
12994 Genesis Evolution: Body Morphs (12994_GenesisEvolutionBodyMorphs_1.4_trx)
13033 Genesis Creature Creator Bodies (13033_GenesisCreatureCreatorBodies_1.3_trx)
13034 Reby Sky for Genesis (13033_GenesisCreatureCreatorBodies_1.3_trx)
13038 Epic Wings (13038_EpicWings_1.4_trx, 13038_EpicWingsMetaData_1.4_ds)
13048 Genesis Creature Creator Heads (13048_GenesisCreatureCreatorHead_1.3_trx)
13079 V4 and M4 Shapes for Genesis (13079_V4andM4ShapesforGenesis_1.2_trx)
13081 Stephanie 4 for Genesis  (13079_V4andM4ShapesforGenesis_1.2_trx)
13147 A4 and H4 for Genesis (13147_A4andH4forGenesis_1.2_trx)

13148 G4 and F4 for Genesis (13148_G4andF4forGenesis_1.3_trx)
13374 Genesis Evolution: Muscularity (13374_GenesisEvolutionMuscularity_1.0_trx)
13895 Ethnicity for Genesis: Asian (13895_EthnicityAsian_1.2_trx)
13896 Ethnicity for Genesis: African (13896_EthnicityAfrican_1.2_trx)
13898 Ethnicity for Genesis: Native American (13898_EthnicityNativeAmerican_1.2_trx)
14198 V3 and M3 Shapes for Genesis (14198_V3M3ShapesforGenesis_1.0_trx)
14199 Stephanie 3 and FREAK Shapes for Genesis (14199_S3FREAKShapesforGenesis_1.1_trx)
14203 A3 and H3 Shapes for Genesis (14203_A3H3ShapesforGenesis_1.1_trx)


You can find uninstallers for content items here:

C:\Users\[Your user name]\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library\Uninstallers 

Users\[Your user name]\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library\Uninstallers 


Use all the available uninstallers for a given product.  If you see two uninstallers for a product to remove, then use both of them.


Update DAZ Studio 4
After you've updated the above products, you should make sure you have the latest version of DAZ Studio 4.  At the time this article was revised, the latest release version was  This build or any later build is sufficient.


Reset Existing Order
You can get the latest version of the above products, including DAZ Studio 4, simply by resetting your existing order in your DAZ 3D account in 'Itemized Order History.' 



Duplicate Formulas and Duplicate IDS Messages