Why does DAZ Studio just say 'optimizing image' and never start rendering?

'Optimizing image' appears when DAZ Studio is using a process on the PC called 'tdlmake.'  This process (executable) converts the textures on the figures or props so that they will be ready (ie, optimized) for rendering.

For some reason on some people's system, this process never ends or seems to take longer to end.

Here are some things you can try.  However, these are only work-arounds.  I'd like you to report this as a bug in our bug tracker.  I'll give you more information about that later in this message.

After you load or create a scene in DAZ Studio, I'd like you to hit control - alt - delete.  This should bring up the task manager.  There should be a tab for 'processes.'  On this tab (at least in XP), you will have a column labeled 'images.'  Look for the process called 'tdlmake.'  This is the one that should be running as soon as you open a scene or load content with textures (or apply a texture).  You may see several instances of this process.  That's okay.  That's how it is supposed to work.

The problem that some users have is that these processes do not stop.  They are supposed to do their job and then stop.  However, for some users, these processes just keep going like the energizer bunny, but not in a good way.  As long as they are running, DAZ Studio will *not* render that scene, but rather, it will say 'Optimizing Image.'  If it does this for a period of time, then stops this message, and begins actual rendering, that's good.  But for users with this particular issue,  it just keeps saying 'Optimizing Image.'

Once you've loaded the scene or content with textures, I'd like you to wait about five minutes.  Five minutes is *plenty* of time for the tdlmakes to do their job.  Take a break, check your e-mail--wait the full 5 minutes.  Then inside the task manager (remember, ctrl + alt + delete), find the tdlmakes and *stop* all of them.  You should be able to highlight them and then click 'end process.'  Do this for all instances of them.  We're not deleting them from the computer.  We're just turning them off.

Once you have them turned off, try to do a render in DAZ Studio.  With luck, the render will actually begin and complete properly.  This is just a work-around.  You shouldn't have to do this in DAZ Studio.

If that doesn't work, or if you'd like to report this as a bug, you can do so in our 'bug tracker.'

This is the link for the bug reporter:


It requires the creation of a new account which is kept separately in the system from your regular DAZ 3D account.  For ease of use, you can choose the same e-mail and password when you make it.  However, the system is kept track of separately from the regular DAZ 3D accounts.

Our developers and application software Q.A. see what is submitted and use it to develop new products.  We use it to keep all the reports together in the same place.

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