In DAZ Studio why do things look OK in preview and washed out in a render?

This is because of the different ways Poser and DAZ|Studio handle shininess. There are two settings which can be adjusted to get a more natural look, and many other changes you can make to further enhance the results.

In the toolbar click the Surface selection tool and use it to select the area that is washed out (the surface which will be selected is highlighted as you move the pointer over the viewport).

Bring up the Surfaces palette (View>Tabs>Surfaces) and go to the Advanced tab: scroll down to the Specularity section.

You can turn Glossiness up (which makes smaller highlights, as you would get from a surface like glass) or the Specular strength down (which leaves the highlights at their current size but makes them fainter, useful for things like suede, satin or rough pottery).

Sometimes this won't entirely cure the problem - there may be a semi-transparent surface in front of an opaque surface, and the selection tool will let you select only the top layer, for example - in which case you will need to identify the problem area by name in the drop-down list of surfaces at the top of the palette, but it should start you off.

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