How do I export a picture of my DAZ Studio scene?

n order to get a picture you can use elsewhere you need to render it - the PNG file that is created when you save a scene is just the thumbnail that is displayed in the Content palette, it isn't intended as the final output. You can render at once by pressing Cmd(Mac)/Ctrl(Win)-R, then save the result by going to File>Save Last Render...  

If you want an image larger than the on-screen viewport, go to Render>Render settings.  Select Render to: New Window.  If you choose to Render To a file, click the ... button to choose a name and type. In the Dimensions section in the middle of the dialogue choose Custom from the drop-down list and enter the size (width, then height) in the boxes on the Pixel dimensions line. 

If you get solid black renders (which probably means your graphics card, or at least its current driver, doesn't offer adequate OpenGL support) drag the slider at the top all the way to the right to perform a slower, but better quality, software render.

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