Why do I keep getting a file not found message when I start up Daz Studio?

This article is legacy and applied to DAZ Studio 3.  If you are using DAZ Studio 4.x, please see this article.

DAZ Studio QuickStart is looking for the default scene file to open each time you start the software. If you have installed DAZ Studio 2.1 to a directory other than the default location, the default scene file won't be found. There are 2 ways to fix this issue. If you want to load the default scene each time you start DAZ Studio, within DAZ Studio 2.1 go to the pull down menu Edit> Preferences>Scene Tab> Default Scene: select the button "Browse" then navigate to the DAZ/Studio/content/QuickStart/Scenes/QuickStart Scene.dsb file. Then the next time you start DAZ Studio the default scene will open. If you don't want the scene to open each time you start DAZ Studio. Follow the steps above but select "None" from the Default Scene: option.

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