What are MAT Pose files and how do they work?

MAT pose files are a way of easily applying textures to your figure. They are located in your Poses library, and can usually be found in a folder entitled: MAT [Product Name].

You will sometimes see a P4 or PP designation at the end of a MAT Pose file or folder. Poser 4 users need to use the P4 version, while Poser ProPack, Poser 5, Poser 6 and DAZ|Studio users need to use the PP version.

(Note: Using the wrong version of the MAT pose will result in a dirty/mis-colored character, or error messages, and P4 users will need to convert the BUMP maps as per the steps in our "How do I convert Bump Map JPG files to Poser BUM files?" FAQ).

Here is an example of how to apply MAT Pose files using the V3 Universal Texture Maps, High Resolution, and Poser 4:

  1. Load V3 SAE.
  2. Make sure she is selected.
  3.  Go to your Poses library, and open the !MAT V3 Maps Hi folder.
  4. Double click on the !All Natural High P4. Depending on the Document Style you have selected, you will see V3 turn all white, or get a textured Preview.
  5. Now Render your image.
  6. You will see V3 with her Universal Texture Map applied, and can now customize the skin tones and eye colors with the other provided MAT pose files.
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