How do I customize my DAZ Studio content libraries on PC?

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It is possible to customize the arrangement of content in DAZ Studio for organization purposes. You can modify the arrangement of content within the main folders, however the names of the main folders themselves, (Figures, Poses, etc.) should never be modified. There are two ways to accomplish this customization.

Rename Folders

The first way is to rename the subfolders in the different categories. You can't rename the main folders, like 'Figures' or 'Poses.' But you could rename your add-ons for M3 so that they all start with 'M3…' and thus fall into alphabetical order. This can be done within DAZ Studio.

Rename Content

The second way is to rename the content of your 'Libraries' subfolders. This should be done through your hard drive (My Computer or Windows Explorer). You can also create new folders there with your own names and rearrange the icons. You must be very careful only to modify the content of the subfolders of the Libraries folder-and even then if you may still have undesirable results.

Finding the Libraries Folder

This is how you find the Libraries folder, typically:

  • C:\Program Files\DAZ\Studio\content\Runtime\Libraries\

You can modify the content within these folders:

  • C:\Program Files\DAZ\Studio\content\Runtime\Libraries\character
  • C:\Program Files\DAZ\Studio\content\Runtime\Libraries\Pose

So, to clarify, you could modify content within the above 'Character' folder which is your 'Figures' folder in DAZ Studio. You should *not* rename the 'character' or the 'Pose' folder itself or add new folders within the 'Libraries' folder itself.


Under no circumstance should you modify the contents of other folders like 'Geometries' or 'Textures,' as you will most likely *not* be able to use that content any more without reinstalling it.

Unfortunately, at this time there is not  another way to arrange the content in your DAZ Studio installation. I recommend that you try it very slowly at first to understand how it works before making any major changes. Also, understand that you will need to use a method that is logical for you, because the new name you give will no longer be the same as the original one which is given in the readme for the product. If you forget the new name that you have given, you will have to search through your modified content library until you find it.

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