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How do I get started with DAZ Studio?

You can find DAZ Studio for download by doing a search for 'DAZ Studio' at Download the installer for your platform (PC or Mac) and install. Mac users should install Stuffit Expander that is available free from

You can find the hardware requirements for DAZ Studio here: In addition to the stated requirements, DAZ Studio needs OpenGL support of version 1.4 or higher. Most new video cards support OpenGL version 2.x. Do not install if your computer does not meet the minimum requirements.

Next you will need to create and activate a free account at DAZ 3D's website, If you've already done this, then move onto the next step.

Log into your DAZ 3D account. Then go to this link:

Or you can go to our website: SUPPORT --> Product Registration --> DAZ Studio 1.8 + Registration.

You need to be logged into your DAZ3D account when you go to the above link. Use the serial number that you are given on the above link.

The following explains how to install and set up content in DAZ Studio. Mac Users should use the same link and scroll down to the portion titled in Blue for the Mac:

Answer Title: I'm trying to set up and use content in DAZ Studio on my PC for the first time, how should I do this?

Answer Link:

Now you can actually start to use the application. In DAZ Studio, go to HELP --> DAZ Studio Quick Start. You will be able to do this Quick Start using the free content that you've installed above. The Quick Start opens as a pdf.

DAZ Studio Manual

You can learn more about the features in DAZ Studio by using the pdf manual. You can download it here:

DAZ Studio videos on

Currently, there are available videos showing the use of DAZ Studio on the website, You can do a search on that website for 'DAZ Studio' or 'DAZ Puppeteer' to see the application in use.